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ID 3387 :: Computer Aided Drafting I

Computer Aided Drafting I

Students develop computer-generated 2-dimensional drafting skills then apply them to a small commercial project.


Rosemary Peggram, Ed.D.

ID 3387 Residential Project

PROJECT: This Wall Has Got To Go!!!

Expected Learning Outcomes:
Upon completion of this final project, students will be able to:

The Assignment:
To convert a 3 bedroom/2 bath builder home with a closed plan into a multi-purpose/multi-functional open plan home.
Each design solution should include the following:

  1. Demolition plan
  2. Dimensioned plan
  3. Furniture floor plan
  4. Lighting/Electrical Plan
  5. Interior Elevations (2)
  6. Building section, transverse or longitudinal
  7. Problem and solution statement
  8. Preliminary Design
  9. Project presentation

Design Ideas to Consider:

Do's and Don'ts:
Items which can change and those which can't are as follows:

  1. Floor plan can not exceed the existing foot print
  2. Plumbing to remain in its existing location
  3. All Doors and Windows may be relocated
  4. HVAC unit can not be relocated
  5. Washer and Dryer units can not be relocated
  6. The garage can be incorporated into the redesign
  7. Make better use of connection to the outside
  8. Work on creating focal points, creating a composition everywhere the viewer looks
  9. Make use of built-ins and modular furniture
  10. Take into consideration the sculptural aspect of ceilings, walls, flooring levels, and the carving away of areas to create greater definition while maintaining an open feel

Client Profile:
The Client is a single middle aged professor with grown children and is interested in the following:

  1. A gourmet style kitchen
  2. Room for several hundred books
  3. A combination office/bedroom
  4. Entertaining very important/dinner parties, etc.
  5. Private areas with great views, interior and exterior
  6. A very open feel
  7. A very coordinated look through use of materials