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Master of Science Program

General Admission

Admission to the Graduate School must be obtained through the Graduate Admissions Office. Admission to a graduate program in the area of Environmental Design is based on a review by the Director of Graduate Programs for graduate students and the faculty. No single criterion is used. Credentials are evaluated according to the following criteria.

Applicant's Career Goals

Resume or Vitae

Credit Hours Required

A minimum of 42 credit hours (includes 6 hours of thesis credit) is required for the Environmental Design Master's Degree Program.

The number of credit hours is determined by the student's Program Advisery Committee and is based upon:

  1. Requirements in the departmental options,
  2. Past education and experience, and
  3. Professional goals of candidate

The student, in consultation with the Director of Graduate Programs for graduate studies and Program Advisery Committee, organizes a plane of study to include a minimum of:

  1. 18 credit hours in the specialization area,
  2. 9 electives/support collateral,
  3. 9 credit hours in research,
  4. 6 credit hours in departmental thesis research (minimum).

Further information about the plan of study requirements may be obtained from the Director of Graduate Programs.

Degree Plan

Thesis/Non-Thesis Option Degree Plan