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Academic Advising Services

The office of Academic Advising Services is a branch of the Dean’s office working with students from New Student Orientation through Graduation. The office maintains the permanent file for all the students in the College, works with Chairs and Program Directors on catalog context, degree plans and audits, course substitutions, course offering updates, and registration guidelines.

As an assistance to the Academic Dean, the office is the liaison from/to the office of the Registrar preparing and distributing letters for the Academic Dean. This includes but is not limited to the following:

Faculty/Instructors direct interaction with Advising:

  1. Absence memos – from faculty to student notifying them of the # and drop dates (form off the web)
  2. Absence letter – from student to faculty notifying them of the absence and placing the documentation in the file
  3. Incomplete Grade form
  4. Change of Grade form
  5. Override form approvals
  6. Consent of Instructor forms (add late or take without or concurrent with pre-requisite etc.)

Indirectly through the Department office:

  1. Copies of Contracts with Students for their file
    • a. Individual Study 4000’s
    • b. Research Practicum 4320’s
    • c. Internship
    • d. Practicum
    • e. Notice of low enrollment classes that change to 4000 so that we can make the substitutions for the course on the degree plan
  2. Override form approvals
  3. Practicum authorizations (i.e., HDFS 4314)
  4. Authorization for certain classes (i.e., ID 1382, 2383 enrollment management)
  5. 20th Class Day Lists to Instructors
  6. End of Term Grade Distribution lists to Instructors

Academic Advising Services does NOT:

  1. enter or change the courses in the system
  2. approve or enroll students in Individual Study or Internships.