Texas Tech University

Operating Policies

CoHS Centers and Institutes

Date of Last Review:

September 2009


Ensure compliance with the University Operating Policy 74.14 concerning centers and institutes.


This OP will be reviewed during the spring of odd numbered years by the CoHS Research Committee with recommendations for revision presented to the Dean of the CoHS.


The intent of a university-recognized, college-sponsored center or institute as an approved organizational unit of the university is to help the faculty, staff, and students to succeed in the pursuit of excellence and achievement in research, instruction, and outreach. In the pursuit of that goal, recognition, registration, and review of centers and institutes confirm a general commitment by the university and the college to the success of the enterprise.


Faculty groups with common interests may find it appropriate to organize themselves in a common focus to establish an identifiable unit within the university. In this context, the university is authorized to establish centers and institutes as they pertain to the academic, research, and service mission of the institution. Each center or institute must be established by completing OP 74.14 Attachment A.

For existing centers and institutes, several expectations are noted below.

  1. Strategic planning – Each center or institute is required to participate in the strategic planning process.
  2. Modification – Changes in name, mission, direction, or director of the center or institute must be approved utilizing OP 74.14 Attachment B.
  3. Dissolution – A center or institute may be proposed for dissolution utilizing OP 74.14 Attachment B.
  4. Review - Centers and institutes will be reviewed on a six-year rotating basis. See OP 74.14 Attachment C for more information.

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