Texas Tech University

Operating Policies

Reservation of Rooms in Human Sciences Complex

Date of Last Review:

August 2014


Establish procedures for use of the Human Sciences Complex for special events and after hours activities.


This OP will be reviewed in the spring April of even-numbered years by the Executive Committee with a report to the Dean.


The College of Human Sciences Complex is located in a highly desirable location on campus and consequently is frequently selected for special events and night and weekend events by students and outside groups. In order to assure the proper use and care of the building and security for its contents, the following procedures are necessary.

  1. Due to the urgency of saving utility dollars, building use at times when heating and cooling are not normally maintained is restricted. Reservations should be made well in advance of activities.
  2. To obtain keys and information contact the Dean's Office.
  3. A key will unlock the exterior door at the west entrance of the original building, but the door will remain locked when the key is removed. Campus security must be notified in writing, and the Dean must sign several days in advance of the event if the door is to be unlocked in such a manner that a key is not required when a person enters. PLEASE DO NOT PROP THE DOOR OPEN WITH A CHAIR OR OTHER OBJECT. Security and possibility of theft are a concern. Police security is relaxed when the building is officially locked.
  4. The Human Sciences complex is open 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and weekends as needed. Multimedia classrooms and laboratories are locked and require a key or code. Individuals who unlock doors are responsible for locking them. Faculty members are asked to lock multimedia rooms when they leave them. The building is locked when classes are complete.
  5. Custodians are not permitted to unlock any facility for any reason.
  6. Faculty and staff are responsible for complying with any mandated energy conservation measures.
  7. Lights turn off automatically every hour after 5:00 p.m. in some parts (other areas are turned off manually) of the building to save energy. They may be turned on manually if needed.
  8. No item or food may be sold in the building without permissions from the Dean's Office.
  9. There is no charge for the use of the facility.

Guidelines For Using the Human Sciences Complex:

  1. Keys will be issued on a signature basis. Keys must be returned as quickly as possible. In the event of damage or theft the individual will be held financially responsible if negligence is a factor.
  2. All furniture should be returned to the original room and position.
  3. Lights should be turned off and doors locked.
  4. Trash should be placed in appropriate containers in the building or the dumpster at the rear of the building. No food or trash should be left inside the building on weekends.
  5. The kitchen must be clean.
  6. Smoking is not permitted in any area.
  7. The service of food and beverages is limited to the Canyon Room unless a human sciences faculty member is responsible for the event and requests special permission.

Forms Used

College of Human Sciences Floor Plan