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Academic Programs

Undergraduate Programs

  1. Apparel Design and Manufacturing
  2. Community, Family, and Addiction Sciences
  3. Early Childhood Teacher Certification
  4. Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher Certification
  5. Human Development and Family Studies
  6. Human Sciences (face-to-face and online)
  7. Interior Design
  8. Nutritional Sciences
  9. Personal Financial Planning
  10. Restaurant, Hotel and Institutional Management
  11. Retail Management

Master's Programs

  1. Environmental Design
  2. Family and Consumer Sciences Education
  3. Human Development and Family Studies
  4. Marriage and Family Studies
  5. Nutritional Sciences
  6. Personal Financial Planning
  7. Restaurant, Hotel, and Institutional Management

Doctoral Programs

  1. Family and Consumer Sciences Education
  2. Hospitality Administration
  3. Human Development and Family Studies
  4. Interior and Environmental Design
  5. Marriage and Family Therapy
  6. Nutritional Sciences
  7. Personal Financial Planning

Other Programs

  1. Addictive Disorders and Recovery Studies (minor and certification)
  2. Dietetic Internship (post baccalaureate)

Centers and Institutes

  1. Center for Adolescent Resiliency
  2. Center for Financial Responsibility
  3. Center for the Study of Addiction and Recovery
  4. Child Development Research Center
  5. Curriculum Center for Family and Consumer Sciences
  6. Institute for Child and Family Studies
  7. International Center for Food Industry Excellence
  8. Texas Wine Marketing Research Institute