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  1. All College of Human Sciences Organizations must be registered with the University through Student Organizations Services and meet TTU student organization regulations. Each organization should provide to the Dean's office names of the current Adviser and the president. See attached listing for detailed information regarding student organizations.
  2. Request for meeting rooms must be scheduled through the proper entity. The Dean's office schedules the Canyon Room or El Centro. Any other facilities in the CoHS building or elsewhere on campus must be scheduled through Academic Facilities website or at 742-3658 according to OP 61.23. The Dean's office can assist with this process if needed.
  3. Notices of meetings or any other item to be posted in the CoHS building must be approved in the dean's office. These approved notices may be placed on appropriate bulletin boards or easels. They MAY NOT be placed on walls, doors, or other surfaces in the building. It is the responsibility of each organization to remove notices from bulletin boards after the meeting has taken place.
  4. Special events held in the CoHS building should be entered on the Human Sciences Calendar by clearing the event with Student Services Office personnel. Any special student event, regardless of location should be entered on the Student Affairs Calendar. This is important to avoid conflicts for facilities and overlapping activities.
  5. Tables and easels are available for check out from the Dean's Office.
  6. Procedure for use of keys to open facilities and rooms will be the responsibility of the Adviser(s) for each organization. The Adviser may choose to delegate responsibility to an appropriate student, but the Adviser will be held responsible for.
    • Restoring rooms and facilities to the “in order” aspect – e.g., replacement of chairs, equipment to storage, projector off, and cleaning up surroundings.
    • Prompt return of keys to dean's office or other appropriate location.
  7. No booths, displays or sales are allowed without consent of the Student Services Office with regard to: hours, date, location, and/or college equipment to be used (tables, chair, etc.).
  8. Student leaders must report to their Advisers before and after making contacts for program participants from the larger university community, Lubbock, or other cities. In cases where the professional position of a speaker may be of prominence, the Adviser should have a student check with the dean's office prior to extending an invitation to speak. The dean needs to be informed of such invitations for a number of reasons, all of which contribute to the total ambiance of courtesy, hospitality, and good organization of Texas Tech University and the College of Human Sciences. Such speakers include senators, representatives, the governor, faculty members from other universities, professional leaders, etc. Speakers holding state or national government roles must be cleared with the Vice Chancellor for Governmental Relations and the Chancellor.
  9. Student Senators from COS represent the entire college and its student organizations. Senators should be made aware of financial and other needs from all student organizations.


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