Texas Tech University

Human Sciences Committees and Councils

Commencement Activities Committee


The Commencement Activities Committee will assist with college activities related to all graduations.


  1. Assist with setting up facilities for college reception following fall and spring graduation.
  2. Assist with college reception (maintain food supplies, keep serving tables tidy, etc.)
  3. Organize and distribute diplomas.
  4. Coordinate with dean's office staff.


  1. A representative from each department will be appointed by the Department Chairperson. 
  2. The Director of Marketing and Communication and a representative of the dean's office will also serve on the committee.
  3. Term of office is one year.  Reappointment is possible.


All commencement reception activities will be coordinated out of the dean's office. Committee members will assist dean's office staff as requested. The departmental representative will be responsible for coordinating and distributing diplomas to graduates from his/her department.