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Human Sciences Committees and Councils

Curriculum Committee


Advisory to the Dean in the task of achieving and maintaining the highest academic standards for the College undergraduate and graduate programs.


  1. The Office of the Dean will receive all requests for graduate and undergraduate courses and curriculum changes. Such changes will be initiated by the departments and should be approved by the departmental curriculum committee and department chairperson. Changes involving all undergraduate programs, the Human Sciences core, and interdepartmental programs may be presented by appropriate committees or the Human Sciences Administrative Team.
  2. The Curriculum Committee will meet on an as needed basis. Agenda items should be submitted to the Dean’s Office in advance for review, preparation of the agenda, and circulation to committee members.
  3. All requests for changes in degree plans or course additions/modification/deletion should be presented to the Dean’s Office using appropriate forms.
  4. Written materials presented should be self-explanatory.
  5. All proposed changes will be evaluated with consideration given to impact on the College, enrolled students, cost of implementation, and availability of equipment, resources, and qualified faculty members.
  6. The committee may be asked to make recommendation concerning other academic matters such as:
    a. Course substitutions.
    b. Courses which meet the general education requirements.
    c. Interpretation of university requirements for human sciences programs.
    d. Human Sciences core requirements.
    e. Minors.


The Committee shall be composed of several members including a representative from all of the academic programs within the College. These members include:

  1. The Associate Dean and/or Assistant Dean for Academic Programs will represent the Dean, serve as chair, assist in preparing agendas, review all proposals for consistency with University and College policies, and provide information concerning impact of proposed changes.
  2. Each Program Director representing his/her academic unit will be a member of the committee. If program director positions are not utilized in a department, the department chair will appoint an equivalent representative for the department’s academic areas.
  3. Two at-large members will be appointed by the Dean of Human Sciences. At-large faculty members will be appointed and serve for a two-year term.
  4. One student will be appointed by the Dean of Human Sciences to serve one semester.
  5. The Coordinator of Undergraduate Programs will serve as ex-officio member and assist the Chairperson as needed.


The Chairperson will call meetings of the committee, facilitate discussion, prepare the agenda in conjunction with the Dean’s office, appoint subcommittees when appropriate, preside at meetings, and report to the Dean.