Texas Tech University

Human Sciences Committees and Councils

Faculty Council


The Human Sciences Faculty Council serves to provide faculty input in the decision-making process of the College. The Faculty Council is Advisery to the Dean.


  1. Advise the Dean in relation to faculty needs and concerns.
  2. Make recommendations with regard to policy and programs except curriculum decisions, which are delegated to the Curriculum Committee.  Of particular importance are the periodic reviews of college policies regarding tenure and promotion, annual performance reviews, merit, and comprehensive performance (post-tenure) reviews.
  3. Make recommendations regarding public relations and communications within and external to the College.
  4. Recommend college faculty award nominees and recipients to the Dean.


  1. The committee is composed of two representatives from each department who serve two-year terms. 
  2. One member from each department rotates off annually.
  3. The Executive Associate Dean will serve as an ex officio member.


  1. The Chairperson will be elected from the council members.
  2. The group will meet monthly if there are items for the agenda.
  3. The agenda will be prepared through the collaborative efforts of the committee Chairperson and the Executive Associate Dean.
  4. Meetings will be open to the faculty.
  5. Administrative staff will be invited to meet with the council as needed to facilitate discussions and to implement recommendations.
  6. Ad hoc sub-committees will be appointed as needed.