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Human Sciences Committees and Councils

Grade Appeal Committee


The Grade Appeals Committee will consider all grade change requests from students, both graduate and undergraduate, who have been enrolled in classes offered within the College of Human Sciences.


The Grade Appeals Committee members will review the material provided by the student who filed the appeal. After appropriate consultation with persons involved, the committee will make a recommendation to the dean. University guidelines will be followed.


  1. One faculty member from each department will be appointed by the Associate Dean for Students annually based on suggestions from Department Chairpersons.
  2. The chairperson of the committee will be appointed by the Associate Dean for Students from the faculty representatives.
  3. Two student members will be appointed at the same academic classification (graduate or undergraduate) and from departments different from the student filing the appeal.
  4. An alternate committee member may be appointed if the appeal involves a faculty member on the committee or if there is a valid reason for recusal. Note: not wanting to serve on an appeal involving a department colleague is not a valid reason for not participating.
  5. Committee members serve a one-year term and may be reappointed.


  1. Student files Grade Appeal Form including any supporting material with Associate Dean for Students or the Associate Dean for Students within the timeframe designated by university guidelines.
  2. When the Associate Dean is satisfied that the student has made good-faith efforts to solve the problem with the faculty member and then the department Chairperson, he/she will transmit copies of the appeal to the student, the instructor, and the Chairpersonperson of the department involved.
  3. The Associate Dean will convene the Grade Appeal Committee. If a Chairpersonperson has not been appointed, one will be selected from among the faculty representatives.
  4. The Associate Dean will also appoint the student members of appropriate classification and from departments different from that of the student and faculty member involved.
  5. The Associate Dean will serve as an ex officio, non-voting member of the committee. The Dean may attend hearings, but will not be present during deliberations.
  6. Committee members will examine the facts of the appeal, holding meetings as it deems necessary. Due process to all parties to the dispute will be followed.
  7. It is not necessary for the parties to appear unless requested by the committee, but parties have the right to appear if they wish.
  8. The committee will provide to the dean a recommendation as to whether the grade should be changed, and if so, to what other grade. They may also make other recommendations deemed advisable in settling each specific appeal.
  9. The decision on a grade appeal is the responsibility of the dean of the college administering the course. For graduate students, the dean's decision will be forwarded to the dean of the Graduate School for final disposition.


TTU OP 34.03 Student Grade Appeal

TTU OP 34.03A Grade Appeal Form