Texas Tech University

Human Sciences Committees and Councils

Personnel Council


September 2009


Guide departmental administration in the procedures for seeking assistance in personnel matters.


The College of Human Sciences recognizes that each academic department and unit holds a reasonable degree of autonomy in their operations and respects the variability in policies necessitated by differences in discipline affiliation and particular mission among the departments of the college. The College as well recognizes that in matters of personnel, involving both faculty and staff, the resolution of issues may at times be better managed through collaboration between the departments and the college administration.

The intent of this policy is to offer additional support and assistance to each department in a form that may facilitate resolution of difficulties that might otherwise place undue burden on the department administration and to offer alternatives to formal grievance procedures for both faculty and administration. Should conflict occur between the policies of the college and those of the institution, the operating policies and procedures of the university shall take precedent.


  1. The Personnel Council is comprised of one Associate Dean and two department chairpersons appointed by the Executive Associate Dean.
  2. The constituency of the council will be determined with respect to issues of equality and will be deliberate to avoid conflicts of interest and roles.


  1. In matters involving conflict between faculty/staff and departmental administration, the departmental chairperson can seek the assistance of the College Personnel Council through written request forwarded to the Dean of the College. The request will offer a brief narrative of the concerns and will specify all intended objectives for requesting the involvement of the Council.
  2. Upon receipt of the request, the Dean may seek additional information, may consult informally with the Chairperson, or may consult with other stakeholders in order to determine whether to seat the College Personnel Council in the matter.
  3. Following review of the request, the Dean will notify the Chairperson of the decision and will direct the Executive Associate Dean to seat the council and offer the council direction in terms of the chairperson's request.
  4. Upon review of its charge, the council will seek to develop solutions to resolve the administrative conflict leading to the original request. This will be done in deliberation with the requesting Chairperson, the chairperson's staff, relevant faculty from the unit, the Dean of the College, and the faculty or staff member in question.
  5. Following the conclusion of its deliberation, the council shall submit a written report to the Dean pertaining to its actions and to summarize any resulting recommendations and the status of the original matter.
  6. Upon review of the report, the Dean may discharge the Council or may elect to direct the council to continue with additional objectives.
  7. The Dean will convey the Council's findings to the relevant parties and work with them to implement findings as appropriate.
  8. All records from the deliberations of the council will be maintained by the Executive Associate Dean of the College.