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The College Promotion and Tenure (CP&T) Committee serves in an Advisery capacity to the Dean by reviewing applications for promotion in rank and/or tenure. The review by the CP&T Committee may assist in assuring that interpretation of university and college criteria are consistent across academic units. The Committee may advise the Dean relative to interpretation and revision of promotion and tenure criteria and committee operating policies and procedures. The CP&T Committee may also participate in faculty seminars addressing preparation of dossiers.


  1. The CP&T Committee shall hold its first meeting no later than September 24 of each academic year. This first meeting will be called and convened by the Dean, who will attend this meeting to discuss with the Committee the timetable for making recommendations on promotion and tenure applications for that particular academic year and explain the nature of each faculty member's appointment. At the first meeting, the Committee shall elect a chairperson. The chairperson of the Committee must be a faculty member of the College. The Dean will not vote in the election of a chairperson.
  2. The CP&T Committee will review and evaluate each application for promotion and tenure, vote individually on each candidate, and forward these recommendations and justifications to the Dean. The Committee members' evaluations are reviewed by the Dean, and the ballot count will be incorporated into the materials sent forward with the Dean's recommendations.


  1. The CP&T Committee shall be comprised of two members from each of the departments in the college, two at large members, and two graduate faculty members from outside the college. Each member must be tenured, hold a rank of Associate Professor or Professor, and not have served on the department promotion and tenure committee.
  2. College faculty members are chosen for service on the committee in the following manner. Each department will, thorough an election process, select three members for nomination to the committee. The Dean will select members to fill vacant spots, both assigned and at-large, from the aggregate list from all departments.
  3. College faculty members filling departmental positions will serve two-year terms, with one person from each department rotating off each year. At-large members will also serve two-year terms.
  4. Faculty members outside the college are selected by the Dean with suggestions from department chairpersons and faculty members within and outside the College.


  1. Upon being notified that the Dean has received all the dossiers to be considered for promotion and/or tenure, the CP&T Committee will begin the review process.
  2. During an agreed upon time period, each CP&T committee member will assess the submitted dossiers according to the College of Human Sciences and University Standards and Procedures for Promotion and Tenure.
  3. After the applications have been studied individually, the CP&T Committee in a meeting of the entire group will review each one.
  4. Following review and final deliberation of each dossier, the CP&T committee chairperson will request that the committee members submit their confidential vote in writing with the chairperson's vote to be included. The vote will be in favor of promotion and/or tenure, or against promotion and/or tenure, or abstention. Note that members of the CP&T Committee are to vote at this level -- not at the department level, hence voting only one time.
  5. Each CP&T Committee member must indicate his/her vote on a ballot on which he/she explains in writing the reasons for his/her vote. Votes are unsigned. Voting faculty should be made aware that the ballots and written ballot comments will become part of the dossier.
  6. The CP&T committee chairperson and the Dean tally the ballots for each candidate, and certify in writing as to the vote on the Statement of Ballot Count, recording the count on each candidate's Ballot Summary Form. The CP&T committee chairperson returns all copies of the dossiers and committee ballot/evaluation forms to the Dean immediately following the meeting.


Faculty Ballot

Statement of Ballot Count

Ballot Summary Form

CoHS OP Promotion and Tenure Standards and Procedures

TTU OP 32.01 Promotion and Tenure, Standards and Procedures

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