Texas Tech University

Human Sciences Committees and Councils

Research Committee


The Research Committee promotes, encourages, and supports research activities in the College of Human Sciences.


  1. Identify informational/ needs of CoHS faculty and staff to assist with proposal development.
  2. Make recommendations to the Dean about distribution of Research Incentive and other sources of research related funding.
  3. Highlight CoHS research activities via the CoHS Research website and other outlets.
  4. Evaluate research-related Operating Policies on a regular basis.


  1. The committee is composed of one faculty member from each academic department and one member selected from among the college centers and institutes.
  2. Department chairpersons will appoint the representative from the departments and the Associate Dean for Research will appoint the representative from the centers and institutes.
  3. Appointment terms are annual, and members can be reappointed.


  1. The committee will meet periodically as needed to carry out assigned responsibilities.
  2. The Associate Dean for Research serves as Chairperson of the committee and facilitates its work.