Texas Tech University

Human Sciences Committees and Councils

Scholarship Committee


The Scholarship Committee reviews student scholarship applications and develops a list of awardees according to specific criteria for college-administered scholarships and for Human Sciences students nominated for TTU Parent's Association Scholarships and other special awards when requested. The committee is guided by the CoHS Scholarship Award Operating Policy.


  1. Review applications for scholarships awarded by the College of Human Sciences and for human sciences majors by the TTU Parent's Association and other groups. 
  2. Solicit departmental rankings of undergraduate candidates for scholarships that require special criteria.
  3. Provide names of recipients who meet specific scholarship guidelines to the Executive Associate Dean.  Further notification and processing will occur from the Dean's Office.
  4. Recommend monetary value of awarded scholarships based upon accrued interest if not otherwise stated.


  1. The committee is composed of one representative from each academic department appointed by the department chairperson and a staff member from the dean's office appointed by the Executive Associate Dean.
  2. The Executive Associate Dean serves in an ex officio role, facilitates the work of the committee, but does not participate in awarding scholarships.


  1. Once scholarship applications have been released from the STS system, the Executive Associate Dean or designee will convene the scholarship committee.
  2. The college scholarship coordinator (who is never a member of the committee) will provide application data for the pool of college applicants.  Data can be organized in any way that the committee wishes.
  3. The committee will examine available scholarships and match recipients based on best fit for scholarship criteria (such as academic achievement, need and/or any other criteria called for by scholarship donors). Each student will be considered for the largest scholarship for which they meet the criteria.
  4. The list of awardees is then provided to the scholarship coordinator for processing.
  5. Scholarships will be awarded in two rounds, one in early spring, the other prior to August 1.
  6. If the donor has specified that the scholarship should be given to student in a specific area or major, that scholarship is awarded by the department in which that major or area is housed. Department scholarship committees are constituted according to departmental policies that may vary across departments and over time.
  7. Committee members who are related in any way to a student applying for a scholarship should not participate in the award process.


CoHS Scholarship Award Operating Policy