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Human Sciences Committees and Councils

State Employee Charitable Campaign Committee


Serve as a liaison to the Campus Campaign Committee and implement the campaign in the college.


  1. Attend meetings called by the college coordinator.
  2. Distribute pledge information to faculty members in individual departments.
  3. Collect donations and report to the college coordinator.


  1. The committee is comprised of a representative from each academic department.
  2. The designated college coordinator serves as chair of the committee and facilitates its work.


  1. Attend meetings called by college coordinator.
  2. Secure material needed for distribution in the department. Prepare letters or other communication for members of the department.
  3. Distribute material along with a letter explaining the process and soliciting participation.
  4. Make arrangements to receive donations or have them sent to the college coordinator.
  5. Distribute additional letters to faculty and staff members encouraging donation (if needed).