Texas Tech University

Human Sciences Committees and Councils

Technology Committee


Promote the use of computing and multi-media equipment in the College of Human Sciences (CoHS) as it continuously updates and maintains cutting edge technology for academic, research, and operation of the College; provide recommendations and assistance in purchasing various types of equipment and assesses technology related needs. The committee also acts as a conduit for communication between departments and the CoHS.


  1. Provide information to administrative units concerning issues related to technology within the CoHS.
  2. Provide information to other committee members about concerns from their unit related to issues from faculty and staff.
  3. Develop and review operating policies and organizational structure of the CoHS Computer Learning Center, Graduate Lab, PFP Lab, and other computer labs within the College along with the multi-media classrooms.
  4. Develop and review system for allocating resources for the repair of computing and multi-media equipment and support of web-based projects.
  5. Assist in developing HEAF requests for the Labs within the CoHS along with the multi-media classrooms.
  6. Provide advice regarding the purchase of computing and multimedia equipment and software in academic, research, and administrative units of the CoHS.
  7. Periodically assess strengths and weaknesses of the CoHS in meeting the academic, research, and administrative technology needs of the college.


  1. One faculty member from each department in the college and a staff member from the Dean's Office is appointed by the Associate Dean for Operations and Finance.
  2. The Manager of Technology Services serves as Ex-Officio member of the committee.
  3. The Associate Dean for Administration and Finance serves as Chairperson of the committee and facilitates its works.
  4. Terms are annual with reappointment possible.


  1. Attend meetings as called by the Associate Dean for Administration and Finance.
  2. Provide advice and assistance to representative units regarding technology needs and purchases.
  3. Develop, review, implement, and assess policies regarding technology use in the CoHS.