Texas Tech University

Faculty Evaluation

Promotion and Tenure

Scholarship :: Creative Activity

Creative Activity includes:

  • A record of having achieved refereed journal publications and (where appropriate to the field) a combination of refereed journal publications and juried exhibits
  • Authoring books or book chapters and submitting proposals.
  • Refereed presentations at professional meetings; however, they cannot substitute for scholarly publications in refereed journals or juried exhibits.
  • All funded or formally approved research projects should be identified. Research supported by external funding sources shall be given greater consideration than research funded by the University.
  • Textbooks and innovative instructional materials having significant value beyond this campus may be considered contributions to creative activity.
  • In fields where creative activity is essential to the academic program (limited to apparel design and manufacturing and interior design), faculty members may advance the body of knowledge in the discipline through innovative techniques, creative designs, artistic performances, unique methodologies, originality of design, case studies, etc.
  • Patents, juried memberships in professional organizations, and other forms of scholarship will also be considered.
  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to document the quality of his/her creative work through appropriate documentation and validation by peers.