Texas Tech University

Faculty Evaluation

Promotion and Tenure

Dean's Role

It is the responsibility of the dean to recommend either positively or negatively on all tenure and/or promotion recommendations forwarded by department chairpersons.  Following is an outline of the promotion and tenure process from the dean's point of view. 

Note:  Dates are approximate and will be used unless a change occurs in the university calendar of events. If a date falls on a holiday or weekend, the effective date shall be the next working day.

May 1 (no later than) In consultation with each department chairperson, update the personnel chart designating the status of each faculty member in relation to the retention, promotion, and tenure policies of the university. Solicit and receive from each department three names of elected faculty members who are nominees for the College Promotion and Tenure Committee.

September 1 (no later than) Solicit and receive names of faculty members outside the college to be nominees for the non-college members of the College Promotion and Tenure Committee. These members must be tenured and at least hold the associate rank.

September 24 (no later than) Submit to faculty the names of faculty members who have been appointed to the CP&T Committee. Faculty members are asked to notify the dean if they have concerns with regard to committee members. Following faculty review, final faculty appointments to the Committee are announced.

Call and convene the first meeting of the CP&T Committee to discuss the timetable for committee activities and discuss the any unique appointment criteria for the candidates under consideration.

October 8 and following Inform the CP&T Committee when all dossiers for promotion and tenure are ready for review.

Upon receiving recommendation and justifications from the CP&T Committee, tally the committee votes with a witness and record them on the and record them on the Statement as to Ballot Counts, and record them on the Ballot Summary Form provided by the candidate's department and complete the dean's recommendation on the Ballot Summary form.

Review each candidate's application and prepare for each a recommendation that is inserted into the Dean's Letter section of the dossier. Information regarding the dean's recommendation shall be provided to the department chairperson and the candidate prior to submission to the Provost and Senior Vice President (PSVP). The members of the CP&T Committee are then informed about the outcome of the committee vote on each candidate and the nature of the Dean's recommendation (favorable or unfavorable) to the PSVP.

November 19 (no later than) Submit to the PSVP a copy of collegiate procedures and policies along with the electronic dossier of each candidate.

Prior to submission to the provost's office, faculty members may request in writing that their dossiers be withdrawn from further consideration, in which case the dossiers will not be forwarded.