Texas Tech University

Faculty Evaluation

Promotion and Tenure

Faculty Role

The faculty member has primary responsibility for preparation of the dossier, with major assistance to be provided by the department chairperson.  There are many ways this procedure can be completed.  The essential responsibility rests with the faculty member, but the chairperson should play a significant collaborative role.  The tenure process officially begins no later than September of the candidates sixth year of employment.  However, significant activity must occur prior to the September submission.  Following is an outline of the promotion and tenure process from the faculty candidate's point of view.

Note:  Dates are approximate and will be used unless a change occurs in the university calendar of events. If a date falls on a holiday or weekend, the effective date shall be the next working day.

Activities prior to tenure and/or promotion year

  • Complete annual report for each year of employment
  • Complete Third Year Review (spring semester of third full year pre-tenure of employment)
  • Request review by Teaching Effectiveness Committee annually for pre-tenure faculty
  • Request review by Teaching Effectiveness Committee in the year prior to application for promotion

April 15 (no later than) Notify the department chairperson in writing that the faculty member is planning to be considered for tenure and/or promotion in the fall.  Faculty members who have reached their mandatory promotion and tenure year will receive a letter from the department chairperson notifying them of that requirement.

Early summer In consultation with the department chairperson, begin developing a list of reviewers.  These reviewers should be outside the university and should hold appropriate credentials qualifying the reviewer to serve in this role.  At least three of these reviewers should be from peer institutions. Once the list is acceptable to both parties, the chairperson will contact the reviewers to ascertain their willingness to serve in this important role.  Five letters are needed for promotion to associate professor and eight are needed for promotion to professor. Note:  the faculty member should not contact the reviewers at any point of this process.

Consult with the department chairperson regarding the content of the material to be sent to outside reviewers.  The content of this document is largely up to the faculty member.  It may be only the CV or it can contain other items that the faculty member deems appropriate.  In consideration to the reviewers, every effort should be make to keep the document brief.  Faculty members may choose to provide material to reviewers via a web page.

Early July Provide material for outside reviewers to department chairperson.  Begin working on dossier if not already underway.  Faculty members will submit the dossier electronically, PDF format.  It is very helpful to look at copies of previously submitted tenure and/or promotion material.  Examples are available at this site.

September 15 (no later than) Submit the dossier electronically (PDF) to department chairperson.

Dossier Preparation The dossier should organized in the following manner.

  • Cover page with name and purpose of dossier (tenure/tenure and promotion/promotion)
  • Dean's letter
    • Added by the Dean
  • Chairperson's letter
    • Added by the Chairperson
  • Vita
  • Letters
    • Solicited and unsolicited letters along with a list of reviewer qualifications will be inserted by the chairperson
  • Basic information
    • Insert letter of hire at the beginning of this section
  • Teaching
    • Applicant's summary of teaching effectiveness
  • Research and/or Creative Activity
    • Applicant's summary of research and/or creative activity
    • Creative activity is limited to faculty members in Interior Design and Apparel Design and Manufacturing
  • Service and Outreach and Engagement
    • Applicant's summary of service/outreach and engagement activities
  • Administration  (if applicable)
    • Applicant's summary of administrative activities
  • Annual Reviews/Third-Year Review

Beginning with the Basic Information section, the dossier is limited to 20 pages (excluding divider pages, letters, annual reviews).

  1. Basic Information The basic information section is standard for all faculty members. Information to be provided for basic information and its format are found in OP 32.01 Attachment B.
  2. Applicant's Summary of Teaching Effectiveness Detailed and specific evidence of effective teaching should be included in the dossiers of faculty members being recommended for promotion and/or tenure. The section should include a one page summary of student evaluations for each year of service since appointment or previous promotion. Summary evaluations from the Teaching Effectiveness Committee should also be included. Wherever possible, evaluation should also include evidence concerning the continuing performance of students mentored and supervised by the candidate. Additional material may be included as appropriate to the candidate's achievements.
  3. Applicant's Summary of Research and Creative Activity Scholarship may be represented in several different ways. Research typically includes securing outside funding, quality and number of publications, including Law Review, and quality and number of academic presentations. Creative activity (limited to Apparel Design and Manufacturing and Interior Design) may also involve the activities listed for traditional research, but is more likely to include juried exhibits and competitions, design and creation of actual items and facilities, and case study research projects.
  4. Applicant's Summary of Service Activities The term service and/or outreach and engagement includes several items which can be presented in this section of the dossier. In addition to the typical professional contributions to the department, college, university, and the discipline at large, activities that involve outreach and community engagement are particularly valued.
  5. Applicant's Summary of Administrative Activities If a candidate for tenure and/or promotion has an assigned administrative role, a section should be included allowing the candidate to report achievements in this area. Content will vary based on the scope and level of the administrative role.


The faculty member should prepare a separate file for appendix materials and include some prescribed items and all other items as they wish; there is no page limit. However, the appendices are not submitted to the Provost unless requested.

The appendices to the T&P dossier often contain the following items.

  • All student evaluations for all courses for the last three years
  • The most recent syllabi for courses taught in the last three yeas
  • Summary evaluations from the Teaching Effectiveness Committee (if not included in the dossier)
  • Additional evaluations from teaching colleagues, research associates, and former students may be included, but are not required
  • Charts, graphs, portfolios, and other data may be included
  • Any other item that the faculty member wishes to include (typical inclusions are published papers, grant proposals, student letters, congratulatory letters, etc.)

Faculty members at any time may request in writing that their dossiers be withdrawn from further consideration, in which case the dossiers will not be forwarded.