Texas Tech University

Faculty Evaluation

Promotion and Tenure

Professional Service and Community Engagement

Involvement and participation in interdisciplinary professional activities with those outside Human Sciences are encouraged; however, they cannot substitute completely for involvement in the Human Sciences field and specialization area. 

  • Service as Advisers, committee members, task force members, and actively participating members of the University.
  • Discipline-related service to the immediate community, to the state and region, and to the larger society represents important contributions.
  • Participation in the activities of professional societies and organizations, especially through service in leadership roles, is a strong indication of professional commitment.
  • Contributions through presentations and consultative services are regarded as further evidence of professional reputation. All such service and activities may include paid (compensated) as well as unpaid work on behalf of the profession. It is desirable that an evaluation by qualified individuals, indicating the quality and extent of the service rendered, be submitted with the promotion and tenure dossier.
  • Another important effort may involve seeking contributions from industry and support groups.
  • Other worthy efforts may include advisement of student organizations; recruitment and retention of students; placement of graduates; Human Sciences presentations to outside groups; participation on department, college, and university committees; reviewing grant proposals; and reviewing for journals.

In addition to traditional areas of service listed above, community outreach and engagement efforts related to the college is particularly valued.Outreach and Engagement is defined as meaningful and mutually beneficial collaborations with partners in education, business, and public and social service. It  aspect of our knowledge and expertise that makes what we know useful beyond the academic community.

  • There are many possibilities for faculty to put their skills to use in various community organizations and non-profit agencies that benefit the faculty in terms of research opportunities as well as the organization being served.
  • Our college, because many programs are focused on  relationships, health and wellness, finances, and our environment, affords us many possibilities for speaking in the community and educating others about what we do and what our programs contribute to the  human potential and the enhancement of  that experience.
  • Service Learning is an excellent way to connect academic areas and community outreach within the university setting.