Texas Tech University

Faculty Evaluation

Promotion and Tenure

Teaching Criteria

  • Teaching includes an up-to-date knowledge of one's discipline.
  • Faculty colleagues will be asked to evaluate the objectives, methods, and materials of courses designed and/or taught by the individual via the College's Teaching Effectiveness Committee.
  • Maintenance of current, relevant, and innovative courses as reflected through course syllabi, academic rigor, and innovative teaching methodologies and evaluation techniques.  Indicators include grade distribution, measurable learning outcomes requiring higher order thinking (application, analysis, synthesis) and skill levels, honors courses, writing intensive courses, service learning courses, domestic and international courses/tours, case studies-based classes, web-based courses, and distance education.
  • Chairing or serving as a member of thesis or dissertation committees and directing independent studies.
  • In some instances, teaching may be indirect, primarily in support of student learning activities. Faculty members also influence teaching by designing courses and curricula. Textbooks and innovative instructional material may be considered contributions to teaching. In addition, faculty members influence teaching in less tangible, but no less decisive ways, through such activities as counseling students and interacting with colleagues.