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Research Guidelines

F & A for Grant Proposals

Date of Last Review:

July 2014


This Operating Policy/Procedure specifies the necessity FOR including F&A in grant proposals and the procedure for ensuring F&A through a subcontract when functioning with a faculty member in a different unit or off-campus colleague with whom a grant proposal is submitted.


This OP will be reviewed periodically by the CoHS Research Committee with recommendations for revision presented to the Dean of the CoHS.


All CoHS Faculty are required to include the full F&A rate in grant proposals (i.e., the maximum allowed by a specific funding agency).  Any reduction in this value must have written approval from the Vice President of Research. In addition, if a faculty member is collaborating with faculty in another college or off-campus Institution the CoHS faculty member must be listed on the internal routing sheet (Cayuse SP) to allow proper allocation of the F&A percentage to the CoHS faculty member. If a faculty member has a part time appointment in another unit, it will be necessary for that faculty member to be included in a subcontract in order to allow for proper allocation of the F&A to the participating faculty member.


  1. As a budget for a grant proposal is being prepared, faculty should check the allowed level of F&A cost for the identified funding agency. If there are no restrictions on the percentage of F&A allowed, the full university rate is required. Note that reductions in F&A must be approved in writing by the VPR.
  2. In completing the internal routing sheet for grant proposals, each participating PI and co-PI should be listed with their % effort to ensure proper allocation of F&A.
  3. If a faculty member has a part time appointment with another unit in another college or has an off-campus collaborator, a subcontract should be created between the other unit (colleague) and the participating CoHS faculty member. Procedures for subcontracts can be found on the ORS website.

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