Texas Tech University

Research Guidelines

Grant Review Team

Date of Last Review:

September 2009


Specify the membership and function of the CoHS Grant Review Team, as well as the process of utilizing the Grant Review Team to provide assistance in finalizing research grant proposals.


This OP will be reviewed by May 1 of each year by the CoHS Research Committee with recommendations for revision presented to the Dean of the CoHS.


Membership on the CoHS Grant Review Team is open to all tenure and tenure track faculty in the College of Human Sciences. In addition, all faculty members are eligible to submit a grant proposal for review by the Grant Review Team.


  1. Faculty will be invited by the Assistant Dean for Research (ADR) to participate in the CoHS Grant Review Team (GRT) at the beginning of each academic year.
  2. The ADR will oversee the CoHS Grant Review Team and serve as the liaison between the faculty and GRT.
  3. Any faculty member who would like a grant proposal to be reviewed by the CoHS GRT will submit the proposal to the ADR at least two weeks prior to the Office of Research Services (ORS) submission deadline.
  4. Upon receiving a proposal for review, the ADR will give the proposal to 2-3 member of the CoHS GRT.
  5. Members of the CoHS GRT will have one week to complete their review of a proposal and to provide at least one page of written feedback to the PI.
  6. Once PIs are ready to submit their proposals to ORS, they should follow the procedures outlined in the CoHS OP entitled “Proposal Initiation, Development, and Processing.”

Forms Used

CoHS OP Proposal Initiation, Development, and Processing