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Research Guidelines

Seed Grant Program for Multidisciplinary Research

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Describe the CoHS Seed Grant Program for Multidisciplinary Research, the steps necessary for obtaining funding for such projects, and the expectations/procedures for reporting results.


This OP will be reviewed by May 1 of each even-numbered year by the CoHS Research Committee with recommendations for revision presented to the Dean of the CoHS.


Contingent on the availability of funding from the TTU Office of Research Services and/or the Vice President for Research, CoHS may have funds to support multidisciplinary research. The intent of this program is to provide faculty members with funds for pilot projects with the potential to contribute to the understanding and betterment of the economic, community, or human development. The project must have the potential to be leveraged to acquire future external funding. Because this grant program is designed to encourage collaboration across disciplines, at least one of the co-principal investigators must be external to CoHS. Other investigators from within the CoHS faculty members may be affiliated with the same or different programs and departments within the college.

The maximum amount of each award is $10,000. Grant funds cannot be used to pay faculty salaries, to purchase general office equipment, or to cover travel costs other than those related to data collection. To initiate the process, a faculty member must submit a proposal in the format described below to the Assistant Dean for Research.

Procedure for Proposal Submission

  1. In years in which funds are available, the Assistant Dean for Research will announce a call for proposals. This call will indicate the due date for proposals.
  2. Prior to submitting a proposal, it is recommended that faculty members contact the Assistant Dean for Research to discuss the feasibility of the project.
  3. The faculty member will prepare a proposal. This should include the CoHS Multidisciplinary Research Seed Grant Cover Page, Budget Form, and a 3-5 page Narrative.
  4. The proposal will follow the format below. a. Cover page with the signature of the CoHS faculty member initiating the application and his/her department chairperson. b. Narrative should be three to five pages double spaced, excluding budget and other supporting materials and include:
    • Introduction, aims, and objectives
    • Statement on the project's goals in relation to human or economic development and potential benefits of the findings to a particular industry, community, or basic science
    • Description of the proposed methodology and the results expected from the project
    • Estimated timeline including estimated date of completion for each major step of the project
    • Explanation of how this project will help launch future proposals for external funds from private or public funding sources, programs, or agencies; it is expected that at least one proposal for external funding will be submitted within the year following the ending date of the grant
    • Conclusion focusing on the project's unique features along with strengths of a multidisciplinary approach
  5. The CoHS Research Committee will review and rank all funding applications to determine which proposals will be funded. Funding will be dependent on availability of funds. Award funds must be spent or encumbered by August 31 of the year the funds are awarded.
  6. A brief interim report will be required and submitted to the Assistant Dean for Research on the date stated on the award letter. A final report on funded activities must be submitted to the Assistant Dean for Research by August 31, one funded year after the completion of the project. This report must include a summary of current and potential proposals for external funding.

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