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Research Guidelines

CoHS Post-doctoral Fellowship Program

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The goal of this program is to enhance research grant submissions and publications by faculty in the College of Human Sciences. Post-doctoral fellowships will be awarded on a competitive basis, and will include a stipend (approximately $35-$45K year) and full fringe benefits. Appointments will be made for two years with the possibility of a third year depending on the availability of additional funding.

Eligibility of Application

CoHS Faculty who are conducting research in one (or several) of the eight targeted areas identified by the University in their strategic research plan (see http://www.depts.ttu.edu/vpr/strategic-research/index.php) and have either been successful in securing a federally funded grant or have a demonstrated history of submitting federal grants, are eligible to apply for this program. Faculty members who do not meet these criteria should seek support for their research through alternative means (e.g., CoHS seed grant program, the CoHS multidisciplinary research program and other internal TTU funding opportunities).


The CoHS Research Committee and the Associate Dean for Research will review all applications and make a recommendation to the Dean of the CoHS, who will make the final decision. Note that members of the Research Committee are eligible to apply for post-doctoral support via this program but will not participate in the evaluation of their application documents. .

Application Procedure

  1. The Associate Dean for Research will initiate a call for applications. This call will provide application forms and announce specific due dates for all materials.
  2. The requesting faculty member will submit an application cover page as well as a 3-page research narrative (see points below). The latter will provide background information regarding the on-going and future research projects being conducted by the nominating faculty member. This narrative should include:
    • Research Program Summary: Highlights of on-going and future research projects, publications, external grants submitted and/or funded, and any awards/recognition for your research activity.
    • Detailed Description of the Role of the Post-doc: This should describe in detail what kinds of projects will be conducted involving the Post-doc, and what specific skills he/she will bring to your research program/lab.
    • Expected outcomes/achievements if a Post-doc is awarded to your research program/lab.
    • Specific external funding opportunities that will be sought and how the Post-doc will enhance your chances for success.
    • Details of the space and equipment that you can supply (or would need to be supplied) in support of a Post-doc in your research program/lab.

Award Notice

Faculty members who are selected to recruit a Post-doctoral Fellow will receive an award letter from the Dean. These faculty members will then work with the CoHS Research Office and the Associate Dean for Research to recruit a Post-doc(s), including the drafting of a job description, organizing and coordinating interviews, and all other activities related to the recruitment process.


The CoHS Research Office will announce the name of faculty and successfully recruited Post-doctoral fellows.

Annual Review

Faculty awardee(s) must provide an Annual Progress Report of his/her Post-doc. Also, the post-doc(s) must prepare his/her own Annual Review and submit to the CoHS Research Office. Specific due date for the annual reviews will be one and two years, respectively, from the date of initial appointment. These will be reviewed by the Associate Dean for Research.

Forms Used