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Human Development and Family Studies

Departmental Application

ALL transcripts from each university you list on your Graduate School application must be submitted.

For Ph.D. and Masters OFFICIAL GRE scores must be sent from Education Testing Service (ETS). No GRE scores are required for the Gerontology or the Youth Development Great Plains IDEA Programs.

You may fill the departmental application out online below.

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The section below is for on-campus M.S., Post-bac Ph.D., and Ph.D. students only.
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Confidentiality Statement Indicate below if you do or do not agree that confidential letters of reference may be solicited with respect to my admittance to Texas Tech University's graduate program and/or consideration for financial support. If I agree, I understand that such letters may not be released to me at a later date without the express permission of those who wrote the letters. I further understand that if I do not agree to the confidentiality of letters of reference, this will not in itself disqualify me for consideration for admittance or for financial support
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