Texas Tech University

Human Development and Family Studies

BioSocial Interplay in Development Lab

Our Research

We study the development of individual differences in socio-emotional outcomes, cognitive abilities, and educational attainments in children and young adolescents. Our research incorporates genetic, physiological, and behavioral approaches, and examines how factors at these various levels interact with environmental context (e.g., socioeconomic backgrounds, chaotic household environments, and harsh parenting) to produce diverse developmental trajectories. Another component of our research is to study how child characteristics, in turn, help shape their own environment (e.g., how they are parented). In our research, we utilize a variety of kinship designs (e.g., twin design, adoption design, and family design) and combine them with multi-wave longitudinal data and advanced statistical modeling to reveal the complex transactional processes in development.

Upcoming Research Projects

We will soon initiate a study on how non-cognitive factors (e.g., emotion, motivation) affect individual's achievement outcomes. We hope to gain more knowledge about how emotion and cognition interact in achievement performance through examining various behavioral as well as biometric indicators. Stay Tuned!

BioSocial Interplay in Development Lab