Texas Tech University

Human Development and Family Studies

Vulnerability and Resilience to Disasters (VRD)

The goal of this lab is to fill the critical gaps in theorizing and empirical research on vulnerability and resilience. The purpose is to bridge current theories on disaster responses and resilience with theories of gerontology, focus on family dynamics that contextualize individual's interactions with broader social environment, and use systemic sciences methods to examine how individual decision making results in collective patterns and the dynamic interactions of multilevel factors in affecting the impact especially the health impact of disasters.

Specific Projects

  1. Telephone surveys of households of 2011 EF-5 Joplin tornado 2011 EF-4 Tuscaloosa tornado 2013 EF5 Moore tornado 2013 EF4 Hattiesburg tornado
  2. Field face-to-face surveys of households of 2011 EF-5 Joplin tornado 2013 Hurricane Sandy


Dr. Zhen Cong

Phone: (806) 834-8082
Office: HS 507-I