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Retail Management

Academic Program

The Retail Management program at Texas Tech University provides you with the academic background and the necessary skills to prepare you for an exciting career in the dynamic, fast-paced technology driven retailing industry.

You will experience many real-world aspects of the retailing industry including buying, assortment planning, allocation, selling, visual merchandising, e-commerce, retailing research, and management. Courses in the major are designed to encompass current retailing issues and policies, such as globalization, retail technology, customer behavior and e-commerce. Students participate in team projects to solve problems ranging from the simple to the complex, and individual projects including a comprehensive retail buying simulation. They interact with professionals by conducting focus group research to analyze current retail strategies and practices. Students solve real life case studies, participate in international field study tours, and utilize state of the art technology for category and space management and store planning provided by JDA, an industry leader. This $2.4 million annual gift enables the students at Texas Tech University to compete for well-paid, corporate level positions in the emerging field of retail technology and category management. The multidisciplinary curriculum enables you to include a minor in another complementary field such as business, mass communications or hospitality.

Today's retail industry requires professionals with a wide range of skills. The expertise you develop in the retailing program will help you open the door to executive training programs leading to careers in both American and international marketplaces. The supervised internship program provides an important foundation for career advancement and employment. There are many career opportunities for graduates with a Retail Management major, including store management, international trade, procurement, corporate buying, mall management, merchandise analysis, sales management, product development, category and space management. An established network of alumni and human resource managers can help you to develop student/mentor relationships and after graduation, to work with executives in many different locations and organizations.

The mission of the retail management program is to prepare students to make a contribution to the retail industry and to society as a whole through quality education, research, and service. By focusing on both the role of diverse and global consumers and the complex infrastructure of retailing goods and services, faculty members maintain and expand a partnership between the retail industry and academics. Retail management courses emphasize integration of theory, e-commerce, category management, leadership, industry application, and career planning strategy (includes study in technology, communication, marketing, management, accounting and economics). An internship program, industry-sponsored course projects and a strong alumni base afford students the opportunity to interface with a dynamic combination of retail executives and organizations throughout their academic study.

Scholarships are available to Texas Tech retailing students. They are awarded based on academic excellence and financial need. Students must reapply each year in order to sustain awarded scholarships.

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