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Human Nutrition Lab (HNL)

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  • Satiety Hormone - Impact of exercise and dietary fatty acid composition from a high-fat diet on markers of hunger and satiety
  • Mouth Rinse Test - Glucose and Insulin response to cephalic stimulation of sweetened mouth rinses
  • Mouth Rinse Exercise - Cephalic Stimulation of Sweetened Mouth Rinses and the Ergogenic Effects on Exercise Performance
  • Vacation - Influence of short-term vacations on changes in body weight and health parameters
  • Epo-Boost - EPO-BOOST™ Supplementation on Erythropoietin Levels and Maximal Aerobic Capacity
  • Zumba® Latin Dance Class Intervention in a Type 2 Diabetic Population: A Pilot Study
About the Human Nutrition Laboratory

The research conducted in the Human Nutrition Laboratory (HNL) encompasses a number of areas ranging from human obesity to athletic performance. Dr. Cooper's primary research interests are aimed at addressing metabolic and satiety hormone responses to different nutrients and/or exercise. The lab is currently examining the metabolic and endocrine responses to high-fat meals of varying fatty acid composition in normal weight and obese women. Other current research projects in the HNL can be found under the "Ongoing Research Projects" tab.

The HNL houses equipment necessary to carry out various types of research. This includes a metabolic cart to perform metabolic testing, a Bod Pod and BIA instruments for body composition testing, a phlebotomy station, and a number of smaller pieces of laboratory equipment. Dr. Cooper also has a wet lab for performing biochemical assays and carrying out bench-top laboratory experiments.

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To find out more information about a study or our testing services, please contact the HNL manager, Jada Stevenson at

Testing Available to Athletic Teams and the General Public

Body Composition testing (learn what your body fat percentage is).
BodPod: $30

Resting Metabolic Rate testing (learn how many calories you burn at rest)
Metabolic Cart: $50

To find out more information or set up an appointment, email the HNL manager, Jada Stevenson at