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Hospitality Administration

Doctor of Philosophy in Hospitality Administration Alumni

James Brian Aday ‘13 Rhonda Hammond ‘10 Bobbi Padgett   ‘09
Lisa Assante ‘05 Ju Yu "Zoe" Ho  ‘08 Oak Hee Park  ‘10
Jung-in Stephanie Bae ‘13 Hsing-Ling ‘Joyce” Huang ‘11 Guadalupe Revilla ‘07
Nelson Barber ‘08 Ching Wen Hung ‘06 David "Junior" Rivera ‘04
Sean Barth ‘07 Min-Sun Jeon ‘10 Sheila Scott-Halsell ‘06
Charles Broz ‘09 Naehyun “Paul” Jin ‘13 Ya-Hui Shih ‘05
Pattarapong Burusnukul  ‘11 Hyun-Woo  “Big Guy” Joung ‘13 Eunmi Sohn‘12 
Ho-Kai Chan ‘10 Hak Seon Kim ‘10 Ching-Hui "Joan" Su ‘13
Wanching Chang ‘10 Hyo Jin “Jin” Kim ‘12 Piyavan Sukalakamala ‘08
Shih-Chi "Jack" Chao ‘10 Young Hoon Kim ‘07 Sophitmanee "Sophi" Sukalakamala ‘07
Chung-Hao “Nelson” Chen ‘09 Murat Kizildag ‘13 David "Chris" Taylor ‘08
Shan-Shan "Joy" Cheng ‘08 Natalia Kolyesnikova ‘06 Eric Tobin ‘11
Eun Kyong “Cindy” Choi ‘13 Jun Mo Kwon ‘13 Chao-Jen "Frank" Tsai ‘04
Min Hwan Choi ‘10 Dong Soo Lee ‘11 Chin Hsun “Ken” Tsai ‘13
Yunjeong “Clara” Choo ‘13 Kwangwoo Lee ‘12 Sirijin Wongjarupun ‘10
Ning Chuang ‘05 Sanghyeop Lee ‘13 Nealnara Wongkerd ‘06
Francisco “Frank” Cordero ‘11 Sangmook Lee ‘13 Hsiang “Dean” Yin ‘11
Ilhan Demirer ‘13 Hsing-Hui “Emily” Lin ‘11 Yi Hua "Erin" Yuan ‘09
Christina Dimitriou ‘12 Ming "Elisa" Liu  ‘07 Jianren Zhang ‘06
Mehmet Ergul ‘06 Shu-Chuan "Kelly" Liu ‘09
Elbia Galo ‘10  Cynthia Mejia ‘13
Lingzhi "Linchi" (Kwok) Guo ‘09 Ivan Ninov ‘05

Student Dissertation Title **
Aday, James Brian "Identifying the Benefits and Risks Associated with Flash Sale Websites and their Potential Implications for Return Customers"
Assante, Lisa "Determining Quality Parameters as a Foundation for Effective Ranking of Undergraduate Hospitality Management Programs"
Bae, Jung-in (Stephanie)  "Factors Influencing Hospitality Employees' Organizational Commitment"
Barber, Nelson "The Effects of Knowledge and Self Confidence on the Sources of Information Used During Situational Experiences"
Barth, Sean "Job Satisfacion, Organizational Commitment and Justice, and Turnover Intentions: An Exploratory Study of Golf Club Employees and Managers"
Broz, Charles "Healthcare Foodservice Workers A9Knowledge of Dysphagia and Development of a Sensory Descriptor Lexicon and Benchmarking Instrument in Formulation Testing" 
Burusnukul, Pattarapong "Extending the Theory of Planned Behavior:  Factors Predicting Intentions to Perform Handwashing Protocol in Cross-Cultural Foodservice Settings"
Chan, Ho Kai "Hotel Customer Needs, Satisfaction, and Loyalty:  Analysis of Travelers with Disabilities in Taiwan"
Chang, Wanching (Sophie) "Developing an Effecive Gaming Management Certificate Program in Taiwan"
Chao, Shih-Chi (Jack) "Exploration of Local Food Selection in Lukang, Taiwan: Application of the Means-End Chain Theory"
Chen, Chung-Hao (Nelson) "Development of a Model to Measure Customer Satisfaction with International Tourist Hotels in Taiwan"
Cheng, Shan-Shan (Joy) "Consumer Online Bed-and-Breakfast Reservation Behavior"
Choi, Eun-Kyong (Cindy) "Facebook as a Marketing Tool in the Hotel Industry"  
Choi, Min-Hwan "Cause-Related Marketing and Health-Related Information on a Wine Label"
Choo, Yunjeong (Clara) "Market Orientation and Market Driving of School Nutrition Managers"
Chuang, Ning Kuang "Hospitality Undergraduate Students' Career Development and Factors that Affect Their Career Intentions in Hospitality Industry"
Cordero, Francisco (Frank) "Job Turnover in the Lodging Industry:  A Dual Method Case Study"
Crill-Padgett, Bobbi "The Usefulness of the Theory of Planned Behavior for Understanding U.S. Fast-Food Consumption Among Chinese Generation Y Consumers"
Demirer, Ilhan "Strategic Orientation and Firm Performance in the U.S. Restaurant Industry:  The Impact of Cost Leadership, Product/Service Differentiation, and Firm Focus Orientations on Firm Performance"
Dimitriou, Christina "The Impact of Business Ethics on Employee Job Satisfaction, Organizational Commitment, and Turnover Intention"
Ergul, Mehmet "The Impact of Environmental Influences and Nutrition Knowledge on Children's Food Choices When Dining Out:  An Exploratory Study in Turkey"
Galo, Elbia "Knowledge Value Chain Model and New Product Development:  An Alternative to Undernutrition"
Guo, Lingzhi (Linchi Kwok) "Hospitality Graduating Seniors Who Meet Hospitality Recruiters' Selection Criteria: A Mixed Methods Investigation Using Rational Choice Theory"
Hammond, Rhonda "Effects of Experience, Knowledge, and Processing Style on Information Used by Restaurant Wine Consumers"
Ho, Ju-Yu (Zoe) "Life Histories of Hotel Expatriates" 
Huang, Hsing-Ling (Joyce) "Golf Event Sports Tourists:  Behavioral Intentions & Perceptions of Service Quality, Value, Satisfaction, and Image"
Hung, Ching-Wen "Taiwanese Hospitality Students' Perception of and Attitudes Toward Gaming and Their Knowledge About Games of Chance"
Jeon, Minsun "Seniors' Decision-Making and Satisfaction Regarding Retirement Housing Services from a Business Perspective"
Jin, Naehyun (Paul) "Predictors and Outcomes of Perceived Image of Restaurant Innovativeness in Fine-Dining Restaurants:  Moderating Roles of Gender"
Joung, Hyun-Woo (Big Guy) "Investigating Relationships between Internal Marketing Practices and Employee Organizational Commitment in the Foodservice Industry"
Kim, Hak-Seon "Assessing College Students' Nutrition Knowledge, Beliefs, and Health Behaviors:  Applying the Health Belief Model to a University Foodservice Setting"
Kim, Hyo Jin (Jin) "Economic Impact of the Hotel Industry in Texas:  An Input-Output Analysis"
Kim, Young Hoon "An Investigation of Food Tourism at a Food Event:  An Examination of Food Tourists' Behavior"
Kizilidag, Murat "Essays on Financial Leverage"
Kolyesnikova, Natalia "The Role of Gratitude and Obligation in Wine Purchases"
Kwon, Jun Mo "The Relationship Between Guest Satisfaction and EWOM in the U.S. Lodging Industry:  The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) Model Approach"
Lee, Dongsoo "Measuring the Relationship between the CEO's Perceptions & Financial Performance of Information Technology in the Hospitality Industry"
Lee, Kwangwoo  "Evaluation of Usefullness:  A Study of Online Travel Agency Users' Perceptions"
Lee, Sanghyeop "The Effect of Physical Environment and Food and Beverage Quality on Customers' Emotional Responses and Future Behaviors in the Coffee Shop Market"
Lee, Sangmook "Which Factors Motivate Customers' Behavioral Intentions Toward Healthy Foods in the Context of Full-Service Restaurants?"
Lin, Hsing-Hui (Emily) "A Multidimensional Model of Customer-based Brand Equity and Its Application to Religious Events:  The Case of Mazu"
Liu, Ming Elisa "U. S. College Students' Organic Food Consumption Behavior"
Liu, Shu-Chuan (Kelly) "Understanding Drivers of Organizational Achievement in Taiwan Restaurant Chains"
Majia, Cynthia "Factors Influencing Hospitality Instructors' Intention to Teach an Online Course"
Ninov, Ivan "Attitudes and Perceptions of Local Residents and Decision Makers Toward Rural Tourism Development in the City of Post" 
Park, Oak-Hee "Functional Foods & Adult Consumers' Consumption Behavior:  Adaptation & Comparison of Theoretical Models" 
Revilla, Guadalupe "The Effect of Souvenir Store Environment on Tourist Shoppers"
Rivera, Jr., David "The Use of a Proposed Modified Model of Planned Behavior to Predict the Beef Consumption of Young Adult College Students"
Scott-Halsell, Sheila "Emotional Intelligence in the Hospitality Industry: A Comparison Study"
Shih, Ya-Hui "Evaluation of Product Development Techniques for a Frozen Fruit-Based Dessert"
Sohn, Eunmi "A Model of Motivation, Image, Satisfaction and Loyalty: An Investigation of Culinary Tourist Behavior at a Food Event"
Su, Ching-Hui (Joan) "A Typology of U.S. Sustainable Consumers:  A Restaurant Market Focus"
Sukalakamala, Piyavan "Understanding the Generation Y American Food Market: The Role of Health Consciousness, Nutrition Information Usage, Product Attributes, and Sensory Perceptions"
Sukalakamala, Sophi "Healthy Food and the Foodservice Industry:  Consumer, Managerial, and Financial Implications"
Taylor, D. Christopher (Chris) "Wine Education Courses: Changes in Wine Preferences and Motivations for Attending"
Tobin, Eric "Do Increased Employee Participation, Job Satisfaction, Communication Satisfaction, & Organizational Commitment Affect Employee Intent to Quit in the Casual Dining Restaurant Industry?"
Tsai, Chao-Jen (Frank) "Bridging Hospitality Education and the Industry:  A Delphi Study of Entry-Level Lodging Management Trainee Competency and Entry-Level Managerial Trainee Competency Assessment"
Tsai, Chin-Hsun (Ken) "Study Abroad Programs in Hospitality at U.S. Universities:  Perceptions and Expectations of Stakeholders"
Wongjarupun, Sirijin "Factors Driving Visitor Intention to Attend a Local Monthly Art Trail:  An Exploratory Investigation"
Wongkerd, Nealnara "Homestay Tourism in Thailand:  A Typology and Analysis of Tourists' Motivation and Satisfaction"
Yin, Dean "Competency Profiles of Casino Hotel Chefs at Three Managerial Levels"
Yuan, Yi-Hua (Erin) "The Nature of Experience in Hospitality Settings"
Zhang, Jianren "Recording of American Volunteer Group Memories and Evaluation of the Victory 60 Years of Anti-Facist War AVG Veterans Reunion - Yunnan Tour"

**Title as it appeared on the dissertation defense announcement.