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Restaurant, Hotel and Institutional Management

Minor in Restaurant, Hotel & Institutional Management

The minor in Restaurant, Hotel & Institutional Management is for students interested in enhancing their understanding of the restaurant, hotel, and hospitality industry. Students must complete 18 credits of coursework and will gain practical experience in hospitality management. The required coursework is listed below.

Required Coursework
RHIM 2210 Introduction to Hospitality Management 2
RHIM 2308 Hotel Operations ^ 3
FDSC 3303 Food Sanitation 3
RHIM 3100 Introduction to Internship in Hospitality † 1
RHIM 3370 Restaurant Operations and Management † 3
RHIM elective #† 3
Total RHIM Core 15
And one of these two options
RHIM 3000 Internship in Hospitality † 2
and RHIM 3140 Hospitality Leadership Forum 1
RHIM elective #† 3
 (with a student's documented 400 hours of paid hospitality work experience)


#     Choose any non-required RHIM course offered.
†     Prerequisites or restrictions may apply.
^   Prerequisite or Concurrent enrollment is required

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