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Community Partners

The Institute for Child and Family Studies has formed working relationships and partnerships with other agencies in the community.  For example,

Children's Advocacy Center of the South Plains ( )

The staff is supervising graduate students in therapy at the Children's Advocacy Center of the South Plains.  Five students from the TTU Clinical Psychology program provide services and receive supervision.  Three students from the LCU Behavioral Sciences Graduate Program in Counseling provide services and receive supervision.

Women’s Protective Services (

The staff is conducting research with the WPS Child Program staff to determine symptoms among children who have experienced domestic violence.  With support from The CH Foundation, staff also will be involved in the screening of children for clinical purposes.

The Children’s Home of Lubbock (

The staff is involved in both research and training projects with the Children’s Home of Lubbock.  Both the research and training projects are related to changes in the development of the treatment program at the Home.

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services—Region 1 (

The staff is working with DFPS staff in the screening of abused children for possible trauma-related symptoms.  Other cooperative grant submissions ( are in progress.

Education Service Center--Region  17 (

The staff will begin working with nurses and school psychologists in Region 17, providing consultation via telehealth to rural schools related to child abuse and child trauma.