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Paving the Way: HRM Graduate Students Impacting the Industry before Graduation

Texas Tech graduate students in the Hospitality and Retail Management (HRM) program are gaining practical experience that is impacting the hospitality and retail industry, all before graduation. When looking for a graduate degree in hospitality or retail management, you will graduate with the confidence that you will be prepared to make your mark as an industry leader. Gain world-class expertise with a degree that provides knowledge in important industry standards and trends.

How will you change the world with your hospitality and retail management degree from Texas Tech University? A few of our graduate students share their stories.

MAtthew Bauman TTU graduate studentMatthew Bauman, a Ph.D. student in the Hospitality Administration program and a Research Assistant for the Texas Wine Marketing Research Institute received the Texas Hill Country Wine Industry Scholarship.

The scholarship seeks to reward students in their pursuit of wine education, which is funded by the Texas Hill Country Wineries. The scholarship is awarded to students like Matthew who are enrolled in programs related to and benefiting the Texas wine industry, like the Hospitality Administration program.

Through the scholarship, Matthew was able to network with industry experts to better equip his skills and understanding of the hospitality industry.

"I'm deeply honored and grateful to have received a scholarship from the Texas Hill Country Wineries Association," Matthew said. "This scholarship will greatly help me in my academic and research pursuits. In addition to receiving the scholarship, I was given the opportunity to attend the 2018 Hill Country Wine Symposium, which gave me the chance to meet and network with industry leaders here in Texas."

Helena Williams TTU grad studentHelena Williams, a Ph.D. student in the Hospitality Administration program was invited by the Prestige Institute of Management, Gwalior to travel to India for her presentation on Marketing Differentiation. The Prestige Institute of Management seeks to meet the need for globally oriented Management and Information Technology education and training for professionals. Helena was an honored guest, presenting her knowledge and expertise in her studies to over 240 students.

"My trip to India over winter break was an incredible life changing experience," Helena said. "I spent 2 weeks immersed in collegial teaching and research exchanges from new cultural perspectives. After the conference, the University arranged for me to meet with tourism industry, government and academic leaders to discuss the potential for gastro-tourism within India. I anticipate future joint applied research opportunities."

Helena also delivered two additional presentations at the 9th International Conference on Measure, Manage and Facilitate Change to Harness Organizational Potential. The conference was done in collaboration with the Indian Economic Association to bring together a distinguished panel of speakers and researchers across the world.

Sarah Lawrence TTU graduate studentSarah Lawrence, a master's student in the Retail Management graduate program completed her fashion exhibition in conjunction with BLNKA, a talented team of artist and creatives in Lubbock, at the First Friday Art Trail. Sarah's fashion designs were showcased at the celebrated event with 4 pieces crafted from her undergraduate senior collection, Watercolor.

As an undergraduate student, Sarah majored in Apparel Design and Manufacturing and minored in Retail Management before deciding to continue on after graduation in the Hospitality and Retail Management graduate program.

"I was able to make connections with the faculty and staff who later on encouraged me to pursue the master's program," Sarah said. "What is unique about the Retail Management master's program is that it provides you with the advanced skills needed to pursue a corporate career within the retail industry."

Sarah notes that her experiences in the Hospitality and Retail Management program have allowed her to gain real-world connections and the experience of projects for large companies, like Academy Sports and Outdoors.

"The program provides you with the necessary tools, skills, and connections to be prepared to enter into the corporate retail industry," Sarah said.