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Marriage and Family Therapy Faculty Member

Dr. Anne Prouty

Dr. Anne Prouty

Associate Professor, Marriage and Family Therapy
Ph.D., Purdue University, 1996

Department of Community, Family, and Addiction Sciences
Marriage and Family Therapy Program
Texas Tech University
Box 41250
Lubbock, TX 79409-1250

Office: Room 167A, Human Sciences Building
Office Phone Number: 806-834-6744
Fax Number: 806-742-0053

Research Interests:

Women's health; family resiliency during cancer treatment, health care providers' perceptions of the need for family therapy as part of interdisciplinary care; family dynamics around eating disorders; medical family therapy

Classes Taught:

Intro to Marriage and Family Therapy Practice (MFT 5300), Supervision Practicwn in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT 6397), Clinical Practicwn in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT 6395), Contemporary Theories in Family Therapy (MFT 6311), Advanced Therapy Topics: Gender (MFT 6342)

Leadership/Awards Texas Tech University:

Committee Member, CFAS Personnel Committee (September 2014 to present) Committee Member, TIU Commencement Committee (September 2014 to present) Committee Member, CoHS Faculty Council (October 2013 -present), Committee Chairperson, CFAS Department, CFAS-MFT Faculty Search Committee (2013-2014) Committee Member, CoHS Commencement Committee (2012-present), Committee Member, CFAS Department, Journal Review Committee (2012-2013) Committee Member, Promotion Review Committee, Dept. of Community, Family & Addiction Services (2012-2013), Committee Member, Promotion Review Committee, Dept. of Applied & Professional Studies (2011-2012), Committee Member, Teaching Effectiveness Committee, College of Hwnan Sciences (2011- 2012), Committee Coordinator, MFT Scholarship Sub-Committee, Department of Applied & Professional Studies (2010-2011), Department of Community, Family & Addiction Studies (2011-2012). Member, International Commission on Family Therapy Certification and Education Requirements International Family Therapy Association (January 2014 -present) Committee Member, Medical Family Therapy Competencies Development Group (July
2013-present), Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Feminist Family Therapy: An International Forum,(2001-2013), External T & P Reviewer for MFT Colleagues, (2012, 2013) Site Visitor, COAMFTE, Accreditation Review Site Visits: fall 2008, fall 2009, fall 2011, spring 2013, fall 2014 Editorial Board Member of the Journal of Couple & Relationship Therapy,(2003-present), ITU Teaching Academy/TLPDC TeMPO Fellow (Fall 2014), TIU Alumni Association New Faculty Award, College of Human Sciences (Spring 2014), Legacy of Leadership Award, College of Human Ecology, East Carolina University (2009), Outstanding Alumnus Award, College of Hwnan Ecology, East Carolina University (2007), Awarded "Safe Zone"designation by the Virginia Tech LGBT Student Association (1997 to 2001), Nominated by my students for the Virginia Tech 2001 Women's Center Award, Faculty Woman of the Year

Recent Publications:

Peer-Refereed Journal Articles
Prouty, A. (in press). Co-Constructing courses with MFT graduate students: Favoring process over content. Journal of Family Psychotherapy,

*Akyil, Y., Prouty, A., Blanchard, A., & Lyness, K. (2014). Parents' experiences of intergenerational value transmission in Turkey's changing society: An interpretive phenomenological study. Journal of Family Psychotherapy, 25(1), 42-65.

*Banford, A., Ivey, D., Wickrama, T., Fischer, J., Prouty, A., & Smith, D. (in press). The role of natural disaster in individual and relational adjustment in Sri Lankan mothers following the 2004 tsunami. Disasters.

*Kim, H., Prouty, A. M., Smith, D., Ko, M., Wetchler, J. L., & Oh, J. (2014). Differentiation of Self and its relationship with family functioning in South Koreans. American Journal ofFamily Therapy, 42, 257-265. doi: DOI: 10.1080/01926187.2013.838928

*Kim, H., Prouty, A. M., Smith, D., Ko, M., Wetchler, J. L., & Oh, J. (2013 online).
Differentiation and Healthy Family Functioning of Koreans in South Korea, South Koreans in the United States, and White Americans. Journal of Marital and FamilyTherapy. doi: 10.1111/jmft.12049

*Kim, H. J., Prouty, A., & Roberson, P. N. E. (2012). Narrative Therapy with Intercultural Couples: A Case Study. Journal of Family Psychotherapy, 23(4), 273-286. DOI:

Peer-Reviewed  Book Chapters
Gunn, W. B., Haley, J., Prouty, A. M., & Robertson, J. (2014-in press). Systemic approaches: Family therapy. In H. T. Prout & D. T. Brown (Eds.), Counseling and psychotherapy withchildren and adolescents: Theory andpractice for school and clinical settings (5th
ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.

Helmeke, K. B., Prouty, A. M., Bischof, G. H. (2014-in press). Couple therapy. In J. Wetchler &
L. Hecker (Eds.), An introduction to marriage andfamily therapy (2nd ed.) New York, NY: Taylor & Francis.

Prouty, A.M. (2014). Designing a mentorship contract and an evaluation process. In C. L. Storm and T. C. Todd (Eds.), The systemic supervisor electronic resources. London, UK: Wiley­ Blackwell.

Prouty, A. M. (2014). Incorporating feminist practice in supervision. In C. L. Storm and T. C. Todd (Eds.), The systemic supervisor electronic resources. London, UK: Wiley-Blackwell.

Prouty, A. M. (2014). Using experiential learning in supervision and supervision training. In C.
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Prouty, A. M., & Storm, C. L. (2014). Training the next generation of supervisors. In C. L. Storm and T. C. Todd (Eds.), The complete systemic supervisor: Context, philosophy, andpragmatics (2nd ed.; pp. 399-416). London, UK: Wiley-Blackwell.