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Student Travel

Procedures for CFAS/MFT Graduate Student Travel Applications

You may apply for travel support if you are an author or co-author on a paper or poster that is being presented at a professional meeting or conference.  The travel support will be from the CFAS Department, MFT Clinic and the Graduate School.  Funding is limited to one trip per year, per student within the United States. 

DEADLINES: Complete the Graduate School Travel Application, Guidelines and Student Activity Release Form and submit it to the department at least 35 days prior to travel in order to obtain funding from the graduate school as well as from the department.

Go to Graduate School website:

  1. Click on “Students” and then “Current Students”
  2. Find “Student Travel Funding”
  3. Print all three forms:  Guidelines, Application and Student Activity Release Form.
  4. READ ALL OF THE GUIDELINES AND CHECKLIST.  Note:  You need to provide a confirmation of acceptance to present at the event, abstract of paper or project to be presented and completed conference registration form (registration fees must be noted).
  5. You will need a copy of your airline reservation and hotel accommodations.  If you are sharing a room with another student, you must ask the hotel to give you a final receipt for your half or part of the bill.  Refer to the Reference Guides.
  6. Submit your travel application to Lori Minner in the CFAS Department  at least 35 days prior to travel date.  The Department letter of support will be added to the Graduate School Application packet. Then we will return the form to you so that you can submit it to the Graduate School.  The department needs at least 5 days BEFORE the Graduate School deadline for the completed application.   Department funding is limited to one trip per student per fiscal.
  7. The Graduate School requires that the application to be submitted 30 days prior to the trip.  Submit your application to the Graduate School to Melissa Carrillo, 327H Administration Building.
  8. Additional Funding.  The MFT Clinic may have some additional funding for travel if you are presenting at a conference.   Send an email with your presentation title/topic to the MFT Clinic Director, Nicole Springer, to request some additional funds. Requests are limited to one trip per student per fiscal year.

Contact Lori Minner, 806-834-3547 or email, if you have questions.