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Visual Merchandising in the Stores of Local Retailers

Teams organized during the retail promotion class, RTL 2350, partner with retailers to provide added knowledge to classroom learning. Students exemplify components of service-learning and retail promotion strategy associated with the merchandising function. The students gain experience in visual merchandising and promotion. For the Spring and Fall semester of 2013, teams created and executed visual merchandising displays in the stores Piper Lubbock, Havertys, Red and Black College Bookstore, and Malouf's Fine Clothiers, BC, Dillard’s, and Buckle. We want to thank these fine companies for their continual support of our students, also, for providing job and internship opportunities within their companies. Shara Konechney, owner of Piper Lubbock commented, “These girls showed total creativity! We do appreciate their fresh eyes to truly make our displays POP!”. Michelle Tyler, owner of BC said, “I have never been so impressed with a group!”

2013 Retail Management 2350 Merchandising Displays

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