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Retail Management Dallas Area Corporate Field Trip

During the spring semester, retail management undergraduate students venture on a field trip to Dallas area retail corporate offices and the Dallas Market Center. In the past, delegations have visited Fossil, Inc. Corporate Office located in Richardson, TX; Neiman Marcus Direct, in Irving, TX; Neiman-Marcus Group Inc. Corporate Office downtown Dallas; JC Penney Corporate Office, Plano, TX; Zale Corporation in Irving, TX; and Dallas Market Center. The companies are very welcoming and informative, and the students have a chance to network with corporate management. Retail management student Lauren Bass commented, "It was a great experience for me. I finally know what it is like in corporate. I wish I could take the trip again!" Contact Retail Management Instructor, Valerie Hlavaty, at for more information.

Retail Management Dallas Area Corporate Field Trip 2013

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