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Hospitality Seminar Facilitation Competition

Application Form

The 2014 First Annual Hospitality Seminar Facilitation Competition is being announced by the Hospitality and Retail Management Program at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. Facilitators should submit this application and upload your video link below by March 15, 2014.

The Official Competition Rules can be found here.

Video Consent Forms

All videos must be uploaded to YouTube and the link to the video submitted in the form. YouTube allows users to upload videos that are 30 minutes long if you verify your YouTube account. More information can be found here:

Privacy Settings

After uploading your video, you will need to change the privacy setting from "Public" to "Unlisted". For more information on this please see

Last Name:
First Name:
Mailing Address: (street, city, state, zip)
Phone Number:
University (include department or program)/University Address
Current Classification:
YouTube video link:

Include the following with your application:

1. Discussable issue/topic related to hospitality that you chose for the Seminar Competition.
2. Articles you provided to the seminar participants. (Note, please provide links to the articles or attach the articles). 
3. List of discussion participants’ names and job titles/academic positions for you and the participants. (6-8 participants recommended). The Consent Forms should be scanned and sent as attachments to Shane Blum, Ph.D.,
4. Justification (maximum 500 words) for the choice of the hospitality-related issue for the Seminar session.
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