Texas Tech University

Martin Binks, Ph.D. FTOS, FESPM

Nutrition and Metabolic Health Initiative

Email: m.binks@ttu.edu

Director, Nutrition & Metabolic Health Initiate (NMHI)

Associate Professor, Nutritional Sciences


Dr. Martin Binks, Ph.D. FTOS, FESPM


Martin Binks Ph.D. is Associate Professor, Nutritional Sciences, at Texas Tech University and leads the Behavioral Medicine & Translational Research Lab. He is also Director of the Nutrition & Metabolic Health Initiative. Dr. Binks has been an obesity & metabolic disease research scientist & clinician for over 20 years and is an experienced administrative leader in healthcare business and clinical development capacities. He has assisted literally thousands of patients with behavioral, pharmacologic and surgical weight loss, health and wellness and quality of life improvement over his distinguished career.

Dr. Binks received his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Fairleigh Dickenson University where he specialized in behavioral medicine, neuropsychology, and obesity. He trained at the Bronx VA Medical Center and completed pre and postdoctoral training in behavioral medicine and obesity at the Medical University of South Carolina. He is formerly an Assistant Professor at Duke University Medical Center, Division of Medical Psychology. He was Director of Behavioral Health, Research, and New Business and Strategic Alliances at the Duke Diet & Fitness Center.

Martin has authored many research publications and the book The Duke Diet. His research interests include neurophysiology of obesity and ingestive behavior, behavioral pharmacologic and surgical treatment (adults and children) for obesity and metabolic disease, and also physiological and behavioral correlates of physical activity (including the influences of pain and diet quality) and the role of sedentary behavior in health. He serves as a reviewer on several scientific journals and as an editorial board member for the International Journal of Obesity and Obesity Science & Practice. He is also Editor in Chief of Progress in Preventive Medicine. Dr. Binks has an ongoing multimedia presence as an internationally recognized expert.

Dr. Binks is a Fellow of the North American scientific organization The Obesity Society (TOS) and The European Society of Preventative Medicine. He has been active in, many leadership positions spanning more than a decade at TOS including Secretary-Treasurer and Executive Board Member of Obesity Week™. He has been a contributor to the Treat Obesity Seriously campaign and Obesity Care Week. Martin is a member of The World Obesity Federation where he is a SCOPE Fellow. He is also a member of the American Society for Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery, American Society for Nutrition. Martin has also been a contributor with the Army National Guard Decade of Health and Wounded Warriors programs. He currently serves on several advisory boards. He is a recipient of the TOS Atkinson Stern Award for Distinguished Public Service in Obesity.