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The following articles have been published or accepted and soon to be published by Nutritional Science faculty:

Mallory Boylan, PhD, RD, LD

Clement, L. Boylan, M., Miller, V., Driskell, J., Giraud, D., and Subih, H. 2012. Vitamin B-6 vitamer levels in plasma and related symptoms in hemodialysis subjects taking low- and high-dose renal multivitamin supplements. Int. J. Vitam. Nutr. Res. 82:130-136.

Tami, S., Reed, D., Boylan. M., and Zvonkovic. 2012. Assessment of the effect of acculturation on dietary and physical activity behaviors of Arab mothers in Lubbock, Texas. Ethicity and Disease. 22:192-197.

Reed, D., Pohlmeier, A., and Boylan, M. 2012. Using focus groups to develop a nutritional labeling program within university food service. Family & Consumer Sciences Research Journal. 40:431-443.

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Ahuja, S., Shankar, S., and Boylan, M. 2011. Curcumin’s therapeutic properties in disease prevention. AgroFOOD Industry hi-tech.22:26-28.

Ahuja, S., Boylan, M., Roman-Shriver, C., Spallholz, J., Pence, B., and Sawyer, B. 2011. Glucose and insulin levels are increased in obese and overweight mothers’ breast-milk. Food and Nutr. Sci. 2:201-206.

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Hart, S., Jackson, S., and Boylan, M. 2011. Compromised weight gain, milk intake, and feeding behavior in breastfed newborns of depressive mothers. J. Ped. Psych. 36:942-950.

Jamie Cooper, PhD 

Research Lab: Human Nutrition Lab

H. Chang, E. Simonsick, L. Ferrucci, and J.A. Cooper. Determining validity of the body adiposity index in an elderly population. Journal of Gerontology: Biological Sciences. 2013; In Press.

J.A. Cooper, T.M. Manini, C.M. Paton, Y. Yamada, J.E. Everhart, S. Cummings, D.C. Mackey, A.B. Newman, N.W. Glynn, F. Tylavsky, T. Harris, and D.A. Schoeller. Longitudinal change in energy expenditure and effects on energy requirements in the elderly. Nutrition Journal. 2013; 12(1): 73.

A. Kozimor, H. Chang, and J.A. Cooper. Effects of dietary fatty acid composition on postprandial satiety. Appetite. 2013; 69: 39-45.

N. Gilinsky, K.R. Hawkins, T.N. Tokar, and J.A. Cooper. Variables Associated with Half-Ironman Triathlon Performance. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport. 2013; In Press.

C.M. Paton, M.P. Rogowski, A.Kozimor, J.L. Stevenson, H. Chang., and J.A. Cooper. Lipocalin-2 increases fat oxidation in vitro and is correlated with energy expenditure in normal weight but not obese women. Obesity. 2013; In Press.

J.L. Stevenson, M.A. Stoner, Z. Goktas, and J.A. Cooper. Effects of the Holiday Season on Changes in Body Weight and Health Parameters. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 2013; In Press.

J.L. Stevenson, H. Song, and J.A. Cooper. Age and Sex Differences Pertaining to Modes of Locomotion in Triathlon. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise. 2013; 45(5): 976-984.

Naima Moustaid-Moussa, Ph.D.

Research Lab: Nutrigenomics, Inflammation and Obesity Research Lab (NIOR)

* denotes graduate students

*Kalupahana, N.S. Moustaid-Moussa, N., Kim, J.H., Voy, B.H., Bassett, D. and Lightfoot, T.J. The Regulation of Physical Activity by Genetic Mechanisms: Is There a Drive to be Active? Invited book chapter for the Encycl. of Sports Medicine - "Genetic and Molecular Aspects of Sport Performance". Eds. Bouchard/ Hoffman. 2010

Cho, K.W., Lee, O.H., Banz, W.J., Moustaid-Moussa, N., Shay, N., Kim, Y.C. Daidzein and the daidzein metabolite, equol, enhance adipocyte differentiation and PPARgamma transcriptional activity. J. Nutr. Biochem. Sep;21(9):841-7, 2010

*Kalupahana, N.S., Claycombe, K.J., Newman, S.J., Stewart, T., Siriwardhana, N., Matthan, N., Lichtenstein, A.H., Moustaid-Moussa, N. Eicosapentaenoic Acid Prevents and Reverses Insulin Resistance in High-Fat Diet-Induced Obese Mice via Modulation of Adipose Tissue Inflammation. J. Nutr. 140: 1915–1922, 2010

*Kalupahana, N., Voy, BH., Saxton, A. and Moustaid-Moussa, N. Differential effects of macronutrient composition and energy restriction on energy balance and adipose tissue gene expression. Obesity. Feb;19(2):245-54. Epub 2010 Sep 16. 2011

*Kalupahana, N.S., and Moustaid-Moussa, N. Overview of “Systems Genetics in Nutrition and Obesity Research” Symposium. J Nutr; 141(3):512-514; 2011. Epub 2011 Jan 26; 2011

Benoit, R., Papin, J., Vacher, P., Raoux, M., Mulot, A., Dubois, M., Kerr-Conte, Voy, B., Pattou, F., Charpentier, G., Jonas, J.C.,  Moustaid-Moussa, N. and Lang, J. ADCY 8 is central to GLP-1 signaling in pancreatic β-cells. Diabetologia. Feb;54(2):390-402; 2011

Hsueh, H.W., Zhou, Z., Whelan, J., Allen, K.D., Moustaid-Moussa, N., Kim, J., and Claycombe, K.J. Stearidonic and Eicosapentaenoic Acids Inhibit Interleukin-6 (IL-6) Expression in Mouse Adipose Stem Cells via Toll-like Receptor-2 (TLR2) Mediated Pathway. J Nutr. Jul;141(7):1260-1266; 2011.

Kalupahana, N.S., Claycombe, K. and Moustaid-Moussa, N. (n-3) Fatty acids alleviate adipose tissue inflammation and insulin resistance: mechanistic insights. Adv. Nutr. Jul vol. 2: 304-316, 2011 (

*Kalupahana, N.S., Quignard-Boulange, Voy, BH., Saxton, A. and Moustaid-Moussa, N. Overexpression of angiotensinogen in adipose tissue increases adipose tissue inflammation and glucose intolerance. Obesity 20(1):48-56; 2012; Epub 2011 Oct 6.

*Kalupahana, N.S., and Moustaid-Moussa, N. The Adipose tissue renin angiotensin: A link between obesity, inflammation and insulin resistance. Obes. Rev. Feb;13(2):136-49; 2012. Epub 2011 Oct 31.

*Kalupahana, N.S., Moustaid-Moussa, N. and Claycombe, K.J. Immunity links obesity and insulin resistance.  Mol.  Asp. Med.  33(1):26-34, 2012. Epub 2011 Oct 21

Siriwardhana, N.S., *Kalupahana, N.S., *Fletcher, S., *Xin, W., Claycombe, K.J., Quignard-Boulange, A., Zhao, L., Saxton, A.M., Moustaid-Moussa, N.  n-3 and n-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids differentially regulate adipose angiotensinogen and other inflammatory adipokines via NF-KB-dependent mechanisms.  J. Nutr. Biochem. PMID: 22475809; [Epub ahead of print]; Apr 3, 2012. 

Siriwardhana, N.S., *Kalupahana, N.S., Moustaid-Moussa, N. Health benefits of n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids: eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid.  Adv. Food. Nutr. Res. PMID: 22361189. 65:211-22; 2012

Siriwardhana, S., Layman, R., Patel, S., Tage, B., Karwandyar, A., Matthew, C., Lampley, J., Rhody, C., Smith, E., Saxton, A.M., Moustaid-Moussa, N. and Wimalasena, J.  Role of inflammation in linking obesity to breast cancer.  J. Met. Syndrome  DOI:10.4172/2167-0943.1000102. 1:1; 2012. 

*Maples, J., Fitzhugh, Costello, C., G., Bassett, D., Spence, M., Greer, B., Munchen, R., Moustaid-Moussa, N. Physical activity, screen time, and prevalence of overweight/obesity Among Adolescents in a creative, problem-solving program. Food Nut. Sci. DOI:10.4236/fns.2012.34079. 3: 568-578, 2012.

*Kalupahana, N.S., and Moustaid-Moussa, N.  The adipose tissue renin-angiotensin system and metabolic disorders: a review of molecular mechanisms.   . Crit Rev Biochem Mol Biol. Invited Review (peer-reviewed); 47(4):379-90; 2012 

Moustaid-Moussa, N., Costello, C.A., Greer, B.P., Spence, M., Fitzhugh, E., Muenchen, R., *Kalupahana, N.S.  Predictors of BMI in female parents whose children participate in a competitive, creative, problem solving program. Food Nutr Res. DOI: 10.3402/fnr.v56i0.17787. 56, 2012

*Melton, S.J, *Kalupahana, N.S, Bejnood, M., Kim, J.H., Saxton, A.M., Wasserman, D.,  de Taeye,  B., Voy,  B.H., Quignard-Boulange, A., and Moustaid-Moussa, N. Overexpression of renin in the liver impairs glucose tolerance and insulin secretion. In Press. Frontiers in Diabetes.

Mary Murimi, Ph.D., R.D., L.D.N.

Katz, DL. Murimi, MW. Pretlow, RA. Sears,W. (2012) Exploring Effectiveness of Messaging in Childhood Obesity Campaigns. Childhood Obesity. Vol. 8, No. 2: 97-105

Walker, MH. Murimi, MW. Kim, Y. Strimbu, B. (2012). The effect of point-of-testing nutrition counseling on blood pressure, fasting blood glucose, serum cholesterol, and body mass index among rural, elderly subjects.  The Journal of Nutrition in Gerontology and Geriatrics Volume 31 Issue 2: 146-157.

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Shaikh Mizanoor Rahman, PhD

Rahman SM*, Choudhury M, Janssen RC, Baquero KC, Miyazaki M, Friedman JE. CCAAT/enhancer binding protein β deletion increases mitochondrial function and protects mice from LXR-induced hepatic steatosis. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2012 Nov 15. [Epub ahead of print, * Corresponding Author].

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Kendrick AA, Choudhury M, Rahman SM, McCurdy CE, Friederich M, Van Hove JL, Watson PA, Birdsey N, Bao J, Gius D, Sack MN, Jing E, Kahn CR, Friedman JE, Jonscher KR. Fatty liver is associated with reduced SIRT3 activity and mitochondrial protein hyperacetylation. Biochem J. 2011 Feb 1;433(3):505-14.

Choudhury M, Qadri I, Rahman SM, Schroeder-Gloeckler J, Janssen RC, Friedman JE. C/EBPβ is AMP kinase sensitive and up-regulates PEPCK in response to ER stress in hepatoma cells. Mol Cell Endocrinol. 2011;331(1):102-8.

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Debra B. Reed, PhD, RD, LD

Pohlmeier, A. Reed, DB., Boylan, M (2012). Using Focus Groups To Develop A Nutritional Labeling Program Within University Foodservice. Family & Consumer Sciences Research Journal, 40(4):431–443.

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Julian Spallholz, PhD


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Peer Reviewed Publications

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Shu Wang, PhD

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