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Obesity Research Cluster

President Cluster Hire

ORC Funding: The President Cluster Hire, College of Human Sciences, OVPR
The ORC was initially cosponsored by the College of Human Sciences and the OVPR. In Fall 2014, the ORC was awarded the President Cluster Hire Tier 2 funding (9/1/2014-8/30/2017) to support a postdoc, Obesity and Nutrition Seminar Series and seed funds to support pilot and feasibility collaborative research.  The cluster also continues to be supported by COHS and the OVPR.  

The President's Cluster Hire program was designed to contribute towards Texas Tech University's goal to become a top tier research institution. These Clusters are expected to be interdisciplinary in nature but with a thematic focus that addresses a strategic research area. Related to the ORC, the Nutrition and Obesity research area is included in the TTU strategic investment areas.

Pilot and Feasibility (P&F) Program:

The following faculty received P&F funding from the ORC Cluster Hire initiative in 2016:

PI Project Co-PIs/collaborators Participating colleges

Latha Ramalingam (NS)

Maternal Supplementation of Omega 3 Fatty Acids Alleviate Obesity-Associated Inflammation & Diabetes in the Offspring

Dufour (HSC), Kalupahana (Peradeniya/NS)


Cynthia D'Sauza (CFAS)

Role of Gastric Motility, Body Fat Distribution & Obesity-Related Markers in Obese Patients with Disordered Eating

Fernandez delValle (KSS), Childress (NS)

COHS, Kinesiology & Sport Management

Jason Van Allen

Influence of Sleep on the Relative Reinforcing Value of Food in Caregivers of Young Children

Davis (TTNII)


Noureddine Abidi (PSS/FBRI)

Developing Fourier Transform Infrared Imaging (FTIR) for Nutrition & Obesity Research

Ramalingam (NS)


Sara Dodd (CAR/HS)

fMRI & the Role of Encoded Memory & Effective Response in Eating Behavior: comparison of Standardized Personalized Dietary Images

Long (LCU), Kostina-Ritchey (CAR), Song (SON), Boswell (SON), Binks (NS), O'Boyle (HDFS/HS), Jiancheng Hou(Psy/OSU) , Doumit (SON/LAU)


Obesity Research Cluster