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Obesity Research Cluster


Name Affiliation  Research Areas
Basic and Clinical/Translational Research 
Noureddine Abidi Fiber and Biopolymer Research Institute, Department of Plant and Soil Science, CASNR Carbohydrate research, Chemistry of biopolymers,  Infrared Imaging
Michael Ballou Animal & Food Sciences Nutritional Immunology
Martin Binks Nutritional Sciences Obesity Treatment, Behavioral Medicine, Technology & Telemedicine, Obesity-related Neuroscience
Mallory Boylan Nutritional Sciences Obesity; Public Health; Antioxidants & Health; Nutrients in Breast Milk; Child Health & Obesity 
Mindy Brashears Animal & Food Sciences Food Safety
Jaclyn Cañas-Carrell Environmental & Human Health Analytical Toxicology; Environmental Chemistry
James Carr Department of Biological Sciences Satiety factors and evolution of the circuits they act upon
Katherine Chauncey School of Medicine Cancer Nutrition Network for Texans
Eunhee Chung Health, Exercise & Sports Sciences Exercise Physiology and Cardiovascular Disease
Jamie Cooper Nutritional Sciences Human Fat Metabolism; Hunger & Satiety Hormones; Exercise Intervention; Human Nutrition Lab
Jannette Dufour School of Medicine - Cell Biology and Biochemistry  Sertoli cells; Immune privilege; Transplantation; Diabetes; Islets; Gene therapy; Cell Therapy
Christina Esperat School of Nursing Childhood Obesity; Community Outreach Clinic; Health Behavior
Lauren Gollahon Biology Molecular Mechanisms for Cancer Prevention; Nanotechnology
Weimin Gao Environmental & Human Health Molecular Epidemiology; Human Health Sciences
Breanna N Harris Department of Biological Sciences Stress physiology; allostatic load; behavioral neuroendocrinology
David Klein Department of Environmental Toxicology Analytical chemistry
Nishan Sudheera Kalupahana Nutritional Sciences Ethnic differences in body mass index-associated chronic disease risk (especially in Asian Populations)
Naima Moustaid-Moussa Nutritional Sciences Adipose Tissue Inflammation & Metabolic Disorders; Nutrient-Gene Interactions; Childhood Obesity
Jennifer Phy School of Medicine - OB/GYN Fertility; Reproductive Endocrinology; PCOS
Shaikh Rahman Nutritional Sciences Macrophages; Adipocytes; Inflammation; Atherosclerosis; Obesity
Latha Ramalingam Nutritional Sciences Human obesity and diabetes and the role of the Renin Angiotensin System and bioactive food components (such as omega 3 fatty acids) in beta cells and fat cell-beta cell interactions
Rao Kottapalli Center for BioTechnology Genomics Functional genomics and expertise in bioinformatics analysis of genotypic data, microarray data, large protein mass data, and next-generation DNA sequence data.
Mary Madeline Rogge School of Nursing Pathophysiology, pharmacology, physical assessment, and the pathophysiology of obesity and weight loss
Kendra Rumbaugh Department of Surgery, TTUHSC Diabetic Chronic wound infections, obesity as a comorbidity in trauma, inflammatory consequences of obesity
Leslie Shen School of Medicine - Pathology Women's Health; Green Tea Consumption & Bone Health
Leslie Thompson Animal & Food Sciences Food Quality; Composition; Safety & Security as affected Processing & Handling in the Food Chain
Jason Van Allen Psychology Pediatric Obesity
Shu Wang Nutritional Sciences Nanotechnology; Heart & Obesity; Nutrition & Inflammation; Cancer Prevention
Population and Community/Translational Research
Malinda Colwell Human Development & Family Studies Emotion & Child Development; Parent-Child Relationship; Food Insecurity
Sara Dodd Human Sciences - CAR Youth Development; Leadership; Obesity; Covenant BodyMind Initiative
Michael Finke Personal Financial Planning Household Investment; Behavioral Personal Finance; Risk Tolerance Assessment
Kitty Harris Human Sciences - CFAS Addiction Recovery & Addiction Prevention
Melanie Hart Arts and Sciences Motor Skill Learning; Physical Activity; Education; Motor Ability in Children
Marc Lochbaum Health, Exercise & Sports Sciences Personality; Achievement Goals; Motivation for Physical/Mental Performance
Conrad Lyford Agricultural & Applied Economics Built Environment & Obesity; Developing Models for the Community; Survey Methods; Agribusiness
Barent McCool Restaurant, Hotel & Institutional Management Obesity; Crisis Management; Educational Leadership; Topics related to Military
Mary Murimi Nutritional Sciences Community Nutrition; Obesity; Food Insecurity; Global Hunger
Oak-Hee Park Human Sciences – Research Office Hospitality Nutrition Education; Built Environment & Obesity; Functional Foods & Consumer Behavior
Debra Reed Nutritional Sciences Nutrition Education; Healthy Home/Community Food Environment; Educational Website Development
Autumn Shafer Media & Communication Intersection of Communication; Persuasion; Health Behavior Theories
Huaxin Song School of Nursing Childhood Obesity; Community Outreach Clinic; Health Behavior
Paul Soto Educational Psycology and Leadership Evaluation of Potential Pharmacotherapeutics for cognitive impairment due to neurological disease; evaluation of long term effects of early-life exposure to psychiatric medications
Elizabeth Trejos-Castillo Human Development & Family Studies Adolescent Sexual Education; Cross-Cultural Studies; Youth Development
McKenzie Wilkes Human Sciences - CSAR Eating Disorders
Kim Youngdeok Health, Exercise & Sports Sciences Promoting healthy behaviors: increasing physical activity (PA) and reducing sedentary behavior (SB)