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Obesity Research Cluster

Obesity Research Cluster Leadership

Dr. Naima Moustaid-Moussa, Ph.D., FTOS
Professor of Nutritional Sciences
Director, Obesity Research Cluster
College of Human Sciences
Texas Tech University
1301 Akron Street, Room 407
Lubbock, Texas 79409-1240
P: 806-742-3068; F: 806-742-3042

Advisery Board

Name  Affiliation  Research Areas
Basic and Clinical/Translational Research 
Michael Ballou Animal & Food Sciences Nutritional Immunology
Martin Binks Nutritional Sciences Internet, telemedicine and other technology-based healthcare delivery; underserved populations and health disparities; lifestyle modification, pharmacologic and surgical obesity treatment (adults and children) and neuroscience of obesity
Jaclyn Cañas-Carrell Environmental & Human Health Analytical Toxicology; Environmental Chemistry
Jannette Dufour School of Medicine - Cell Biology and Biochemistry  Sertoli cells; Immune privilege; Transplantation; Diabetes; Islets; Gene therapy; Cell Therapy
Lauren Gollahon Biology Molecular Mechanisms for Cancer Prevention; Nanotechnology
Weimin Gao Environmental & Human Health Molecular Epidemiology; Human Health Sciences
Naima Moustaid-Moussa Nutritional Sciences Adipose Tissue Inflammation & Metabolic Disorders; Nutrient-Gene Interactions; Childhood Obesity
Jennifer Phy School of Medicine - OB/GYN Fertility; Reproductive Endocrinology; PCOS
Mary Madeline Rogge School of Nursing Pathophysiology, pharmacology, physical assessment, and the pathophysiology of obesity and weight loss
Leslie Shen School of Medicine - Pathology Women's Health; Green Tea Consumption & Bone Health
Leslie Thompson Animal & Food Sciences Food Quality; Composition; Safety & Security as affected Processing & Handling in the Food Chain
Jason Van Allen Psychology Pediatric Obesity
Shu Wang Nutritional Sciences Nanotechnology; Heart & Obesity; Nutrition & Inflammation; Cancer Prevention
Population and Community/Translational Research
Sara Dodd Human Sciences - CAR Youth Development; Leadership; Obesity; Covenant BodyMind Initiative
Michael Finke Personal Financial Planning Household Investment; Behavioral Personal Finance; Risk Tolerance Assessment
Kitty Harris Human Sciences - CFAS Addiction Recovery & Addiction Prevention
Marc Lochbaum Health, Exercise & Sports Sciences Personality; Achievement Goals; & Motivation for Physical/Mental Performance
Conrad Lyford Agricultural & Applied Economics Built Environment & Obesity; Developing Models for the Community; Survey Methods; Agribusiness
Mary Murimi Nutritional Sciences Community Nutrition; Obesity; Food Insecurity; Global Hunger
Oak-Hee Park Human Sciences - Research Office Hospitality Nutrition Education; Built Environment & Obesity; Functional Foods & Consumer Behavior
Debra Reed Nutritional Sciences Nutrition Education; Healthy Home/Community Food Environment; Educational Website Development
Autumn Shafer Media & Communication Intersection of Communication; Persuasion; Health Behavior Theories
McKenzie Wilkes Human Sciences - CSAR Eating Disorders