Texas Tech University

Lauren Gollahon, Ph.D.


Molecular Mechanisms for Cancer Prevention; Nanotechnology


Research Interest

Lauren Gollahon

Personal Information

My lab addresses the problem of breast cancer from multiple directions. We have developed diagnostic methods to detect breast cancer using antibody-based capture on-chip microfluidics systems. We are currently working on a project with clinical applicability to detect telomerase. To address cancer progression, we investigate cell lineage specific differences to DNA and cytological insult. We have also have developed a physical co-culture system with normal epithelial, fibroblast and tumor cells to determine changes in gene expression at the cell-cell interface. With regards to identifying potential treatment targets, we investigate cell cycle and mitotic spindle-associated proteins to determine if ASO or siRNA knockdown sensitizes chemoresistant cells. Finally, we address the problem of treatment by testing potential anticancer agents. In particular, we are interested in determining the efficacy of natural products bith in killing cancer cells in vitro and optimizing delivery systems in vivo.

For more information on these and other projects, please visit our website at: https://sites.google.com/site/gollahonlab/

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