Texas Tech University

Mary Rogge, Ph.D., A.P.R.N., B.C., F.N.P.

School of Nursing

Pathophysiology, pharmacology, physical assessment, and the pathophysiology of obesity and weight loss


Mary Rogge

Research Interests

  1. Understanding how “nonbehavioral” etiological factors lead to the development of obesity, especially how microbial and chemical obesogens affect energy and weight homeostasis.
  2. Developing of a taxonomy of obesity characterizing different types of obesity, and leading to clinically useful diagnostics (Pathways to Obesity).

Current Research

Women's Postpartum Sleep, Depression, and Weight Retention

Proposed Collaboration

I would like to collaborate with scientists in life sciences and to research:

  1. Do infants who receive antibiotics in the first 2 years of life have greater weight gain and obesity risk than children who do not receive antibiotics?
  2. Do obese people have higher levels of anti-mitochondrial antibodies and antinuclear antibodies than nonobese people?
  3. Is there an association between women's exposure to tributyltin (or phthalates) and their weight gain during pregnancy, infant birth weight, and infant weight at 1 year old?

Obesity Research Cluster