Texas Tech University

Naïma Moustaïd-Moussa, Ph.D., FTOS.

Nutritional Sciences

Professor & Director - Obesity Research Cluster;

Adipose Tissue Inflammation & Metabolic Disorders; Nutrient-Gene Interactions; Childhood Obesity

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Naïma Moustaïd-Moussa

Personal Information

Naima Moustaid-Moussa received her Ph.D. degree in endocrinology from the University of Paris, P&M Curie, France, in 1989 and completed a postdoc in molecular nutrition at Harvard School of Public Health. She was previously (1993-2012) Professor in Nutrition, Animal Science and Family/Consumer Sciences at the University of Tennessee (UT) where she cofounded and codirected the UT Obesity Research Center. She was recruited in 2012 as Senior Strategic Hire and Professor in Nutritional Sciences at Texas Tech University to lead an interdisciplinary Obesity Research Cluster. Her research focuses on the endocrine function of adipose tissue and its modulation by nutrients and hormones. She is investigating mechanisms that govern nutrient-gene interactions in obesity and metabolic disorders such as diabetes, insulin resistance and cardiovascular disease. Ongoing studies in her lab address mechanisms by which angiotensins, macronutrient composition, energy restriction, and bioactive components on food (such as n-3 fatty acids) modulate energy balance, insulin resistance, and adipocyte inflammation. These studies integrate findings from adipose cell culture models including human fat, to comprehensive physiological studies in animal models. She has secondary research interests in childhood obesity prevention. Her basic obesity research program has been funded by multiple agencies including AHA, ADA, and USDA. She received several awards including the 2007 University of Tennessee Chancellor's Award for Research and Creative Achievement, a 2012 Outstanding Investigator Award from ASN's Nutrient-Gene Interactions RIS, and a Fulbright Scholarship in 2005. She is an Active Member of ASN, AHA and the Obesity Society where she serves as a Council Member representing basic obesity research. She served on several peer-reviewed panels for NIH, AHA, USDA, and others and is currently Member of the Editorial Board for the Journal of Nutritional biochemistry, Journal of Metabolic Syndrome, Frontiers in Nutrigenomics, and Frontiers in Fatty Acids and Lipid Physiology.

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