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PFP Fall Career Day FAQs for Professionals

Who will be attending Fall Career Day?
The primary attendees for Fall Career Day will include December 2018 graduates and students seeking an internship for Summer 2019. While those populations will be the main attendees, this event will be open for all Personal Financial Planning students regardless of classification or program level should they want to attend.

How do I advertise my job openings?
We will post your job on our Fall Career Day page for students to view in advance. Interested students will then connect with you at Fall Career Day during the Exhibit Hall or networking lunch to express their interest. Students will have their resumes on-hand. All jobs will need to be sent to Melissa Schnur by 5 pm on Friday, October 5 in order to be posted online. If you do not get your job to Melissa by then, you are welcome to attend and disperse your job description at your exhibit hall table.

Can I interview students at Fall Career Day?
Absolutely! We will provide space for you to interview students on-the-spot if you would like.

Can I screen candidates prior to my arrival and set up an interview schedule?
No. This event is not structured like Opportunity Days where you are able to screen applicants and set up an interview schedule. We will be providing a resume book of students ahead of time should you want to coordinate speaking with specific students. By us posting your job ahead of time, students are able to be prepared to speak with you during the Exhibit Hall. Each student will have a resume on-hand and you are welcome to interview them during Fall Career Day or schedule a follow-up interview after Fall Career Day. 

What benefit do I receive as a company for attending Fall Career Day?
By attending Fall Career Day, you are getting exposure to some of the top personal financial planning students in the country. You will be able to conduct on-the-spot interviews and give an informational presentation to interested students. In addition to visiting with students, some of our faculty will be in attendance if you would like to visit with them. A networking lunch with current students and faculty is also included.

How much is it to attend Fall Career Day?
The cost is $750 per company. If your company was an Event or Platinum sponsor for 2018 Opportunity Days, this cost was included in your sponsorship benefits.

What can I expect during the Exhibit Hall?
Each company will be provided a table and two chairs. You are welcome to bring any promotional materials, banners, signage, etc. that you want to put on your table. It is likely that outlets for electricity will be minimal, so please do not count on having an outlet for displays close to your table.

Students will be able to stop by and visit with you at your table. Students will have their resumes with them and ready to give them to you. If you speak with a student that you would like to get to know a little bit better, you are welcome to do on-the-spot interviews at any time. Please do not feel like you have to conduct on-the-spot interviews. You are welcome to take resumes and set up separate interviews with students post-Fall Career Day.

What are the expectations for the presentation?
Each company will have the chance to give a presentation to interested students if they wish to do so. Each company will have a 30 minute slot (subject to change) to give a presentation. We would suggest a presentation that goes over the culture of your office, the job, benefits of working at your firm, your company model, etc. We would encourage you to have a 15 minute presentation and then allow for any questions at the end.

You do not have to give a presentation if you do not want to.

Due to the number of companies in attendance, we will be very strict with your presentation time to ensure everyone has an equal amount of time.

If I am unable to attend Fall Career Day, can I do a classroom presentation or set up a separate interview day for PFP students?
Unfortunately we are no longer going to be allowing companies to present during our class time. If you would like to visit with PFP students, Fall Career Day or Opportunity Days is going to be your best option. You can also contact the President of our student FPA chapter to see if they have space at their meetings. The 2018 President is Tanner Merritt.

You are more than welcome to set up a separate interview day through the University Career Center, and we are happy to advertise your visit but we will be unable to facilitate any details for you.

Contact Information

For additional information regarding this event, please contact Melissa Schnur.