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Life Centered Financial Planning

Life Centered Financial Planning

Life Centered Financial Planning is a set of courses focused on financial life planning developed by Industry pioneer Mitch Anthony, Deena Katz and Sarah Asebedo, PhD that teaches both the personal skill-sets and the discovery methodologies necessary to succeed as a practitioner of Life-centric Financial advice. This includes three courses: Fundamentals of Life Centered Planning, Planning with Emotional Intelligence (Anthony) and Client Communication and Counseling (developed by Katz and Asebedo).


Fundamentals of Life Centered Planning: Developed by the creator of financial life planning, this course will help advisors master life centered dialogues from introduction to the end of life. Key areas of focus are becoming skilled at eliciting clients stories and on mastering any and all Life Transition dialogues

Planning With Emotional Intelligence:
This course covers the five cornerstones of emotional intelligence and how they pertain to a planning practice. This course has a special emphasis on relational skill development as well as learning next-level conversation and communication skills for client interactions.

Client Communication and Counseling:
This course covers an introduction to financial planning communication and counseling skills for effective client relationship management.

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